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From babies, to toddlers, and young children – there is something to read for everyone. 


A curated collection of 350 (and counting) interactive (push, pull and slide) and affordable books suitable for babies, toddlers and young children. Inspire and nurture inquisitive young minds with a wide array of selection; from emotional management, interactive, to activity books, puzzles and award-winning titles.


Curated Thoughtfully for Parents & Their Little Ones

Caden & Caelyn’s Trove is ever on the look-out for quality books that are attractive, educational and energising for young children. This saves parents from the hassle of doing their own research to find appropriate reads. Caden & Caelyn’s Trove’s founder, Valerie also works closely with educators for their recommendations on suitable books for every age group. 

Helping Parents Save Not Only Time But Also Money

Caden & Caelyn’s Trove operates solely online, cutting out unnecessary business costs and passing on the savings to parents. Look forward to periodic bundles and promotions sales for further savings when buying more books from them too! This is a win-win formula which Caden & Caelyn’s Trove strives to improve on.

Going the Extra Mile

At the heart of Caden & Caelyn’s Trove is the customer. Every order is painstakingly and thoroughly checked before shipping out, providing a fuss-free and pleasant experience for every customer. Caden & Caelyn’s Trove pride themselves on quick availability of almost all listed stock. Daily shipping also means minimal waiting time from ordering to receiving packages.

Caden & Caelyn’s Trove understands the importance of quick response to feedback or enquiries from customers.  In the event that a book is damaged during shipping, service recovery is immediately implemented to ensure customer satisfaction.

Gift Personalisation & Customisation

 Books are great for gifts. When customers make a special request for customisation, (e.g. add birthday messages for recipients / customise newborn gift sets), Caden & Caelyn’s Trove will lovingly personalise them at no extra cost.

The Founder

"From our family library to yours"

“This humble business was inspired by my two lovely children – Caden and Caelyn. The idea first took root when I noticed Caden getting excited by the colours and being fascinated with the slider mechanisms of interactive board books. I exchanged some board books with my friends’ children and they were excited too! That was when I thought it would be a delightful idea to share these board books with the community of young children – from our family library to yours.”- Valerie

Valerie, the founder of Caden & Caelyn’s Trove, was deeply inspired by the ever increasing curiosity of her two lovely young children, Caden and Caelyn. They were fascinated with  the bright colours of interactive books and the playful slider mechanisms. What started out as a pure exchange of books with friends’ children soon morphed into a vision to share the same with other parents. What first began as a private library soon took on a life on its own, and became a blossoming adventure to help other parents and children on their journey to self-discovery.


"Nurture your little ones and nourish their inquisitive minds through their love of reading and engaging them through meaningful play with our wide array of interactive books!"

“Very nice book with good moral of the story. Love the way it is written and the illustrations!

Fast delivery within 2 days and received in good condition. Highly recommended be it for own kids of as a gift. After reading this, I would likely be getting the remaining 3 books as well. The Lion inside is so popular! Hope there will be restock soon.” – chenxiangjun (Purchased “The Koala Who Could”)

“Good quality, quick delivery, well priced book, will buy others” – kristytyh (Purchased “I want my hat back”)

“Very heart warming story. Got ‘The Storm Whale’ previously and my LO loves it so much I had to read multiple times a day. So decided to get her the “Part 1” of the story and it’s equally good!” – jtoh010 (Purchased “The Storm Whale”)

“A very lovely book. Stunning illustration and beautiful story!” – ngyokeyin (Purchased “Bear and the Piano”)

“Books were bubble-wrapper and packed nicely in a box. Delivery was prompt. ‘Knuffle Bunny Too’ is a Caldecott Honor Book by Mo Willems.” – patriciatlh (Purchased “Mistaken Identity”)

 “Cheaper than shop! Fast delivery!! Come with good packing! Happy buyer! Yeah!! :))” – huiling 2108 (Purchased “The Squirrels Who Squabbled”)

 “Another nice book by Jon Klassen. The author has other award-winning books.” – patriciatlh (Purchased “We Found A Hat”)

“A very pretty, lovely and meaningful book to have and to read to LO. Highly recommend it!” – usejoe85 (Purchased “Grandad’s Island”, “On Sudden Hill”)


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