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Handmade using only edible ingredients, The Tiny Trove offers play dough that is 100% non-toxic and safe for curious little ones who are at their sensorimotor stages, who loves to taste anything they could get their hands on! Parents and teachers alike will find these a great idea for party favours or for young children who love to explore and engage in imaginative play with their hands, useful for developing fine motor skills. Breathing a breath of fresh air into imaginative play, The Tiny Trove sells a wide range of creative customised play dough sets, perfect for daily play or as gifts.


"Colourful party favour play dough sets available at The Tiny Trove "

Made with Love

Inspired by Mummy Angeline’s love for little Avery and the sight of her enjoying her playtime with homemade play dough in a sensory class, The Tiny Trove was created with her in mind and the brainstorming to create a safe, fun and colorful play dough began.

"Little Avery engaged in creative play"

“Passionate about creative and sensory play, I’m glad to have created something that can encourage play-based learning. Open-ended play opportunities encourage little ones to follow their interests and helps them to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. After all, the imagination is the most powerful tool we have, so let your little one’s creativity run wild!

All our play dough is made with love and in small batches. The Tiny Trove play dough is great for our little ones fine motor skills development too. Buttery soft and non-sticky, it strengthens the muscle in their tiny hands through squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening the play dough through hours of fun.” – Angeline, Mummy to Avery, Founder of The Tiny Trove

The Tiny Trove sells Magic Play Sand, Standard Play Dough Sets, Thematic Play Dough sets, tools, loose parts, and accessories apart from their many choices of creative Party Favours theme sets.

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Safe for the Littles

Mummies and daddies need not worry about accidentally ingesting the product as these play dough sets are 100% non-toxic, safe for eczema-prone young ones and younger babies who love to explore with their mouths as well. Tastesafe and handmade with edible ingredients, our play dough sets are great for little ones who are developing their fine motor skills. For toddlers, essential oil scented ones are available to create a free, relaxing and mindful approach to play.

Great for Parties, or Stay-Home Activity

No matter the reason why you choose to buy play dough sets from The Tiny Trove, our creations are perfect for a stay-home activity or as personalised party favours for milestone birthday parties! Teachers, parents and little ones love it as much as we love to make them for you.

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"Great for party favours, engaging in creative play, or for children’s day gifts!"

If you are throwing a theme party, The Tiny Trove also offers party pack customisation for your party theme!


“Super love Tiny Trove’s product. The doughs smell great, no hardening issue, safe to handle and good range of colours to choose from. The cutter and tools are fun!! My girls love it!” – Magdal Cecilia

“Hi! We got the Nasi Lemak Set and my girl is loving it! She loves the white scented dough too. Said ‘Smells so nice’. Plus the dough is so soft and not sticky! Really really love it. :)” – @teenytinyeyes

“We love this Essential Oil Scented Play dough from @TheTinyTrove. Perfect for my little one’s eczema-prone skin! Super mild scent!” – @raising.a.daughter

“The amount is like play dough but @thetinytrove quality surpasses! Squishy, cushy, not too oily, pretty mochi colours and lovely scent! Quality accessories and extremely friendly price points!” – @jeannierichardjewelry


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