Best In Baby Blanket and Pillow with Unique Customisable Printing

customisable baby blanket

Pamper your precious little one with Little Somi’s personalised premium blanket and pillow!


Little Somi’s Flagship Blanket is created with high-quality, luxurious soft minky fabric. Beautifully handmade with love, it that keeps your little one snug and comfy from the bedroom to day-care. The  Little Beansprout Husk Pillow comes with a removable husk bag and a super soft pillow cover. Simply the  perfect snuggle companion for your little one to feel safe and sleep soundly.


You can now make your baby customisable blanket and pillow with more than 10 unique print and colours.  Personalise the blanket with baby’s name embroidered in various styles.


Simply choose your design, thread colour, embroidery option (refer to icon library) and fonts of their name. The steps are as follows:

customisable baby blanket

customisable baby blanket


From the Little Pillows to Little Minky Bumpers, all the products in Little Somi are thoughtfully curated and handmade by the founder, Berlin Ng in nurturing her lovely daughter, Somi, and she has been a happy user of all the items. Little Somi’s products are well-known for their unique prints, softness and beautifully sewn embroideries, intending to bring the most joy and comfort to all kids who are using them. Also, they have been receiving a lot of grateful reviews from mummies out there!


“Love personalisation of the blanket! Cayson loves that he can see his name on his things and he’s reading it out more often now.”


“Ever since my daughter started using the minky blanket, she’s loving sleep time more! She’ll now ask for her little minky blanket every night before she goes to bed. “

Little Somi - the Best Snuggle Companions For Your Little One

Little Blanket features a unique in-house print on one side, and the signature minky material on the other. The blanket is soft, lightweight and perfectly sized to keep your little one snug and comfy while sleeping.

  • Dimensions: 101cm x 75cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Design: 9 unique designs, each with a fixed minky colour pairing on the reverse side. You may add embroidered icon and name on it!

The comfy and soft personalised Little Blankets


Little Pillow is designed for comfort, ensuring your little one gets peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Each pillow comes with a removable inner husk bag and a pillowcase in our signature prints. You can enjoy complimentary embroidery for every pillowcase purchase!

  • Dimensions: 39cm x 15cm
  • Inner Bag: 100% sterilized beansprout husk.
  • Outer Pillowcase: 100% polyester
customisable baby blanket

Little Pillow with 100% sterilized beansprout husk


For those who love to make it a bundle of joy, you can choose Newborn Bundles such as the Comfy Bundle and Celebration Bundle that consist of Little Blanket, Little Pillow and Little Hooded Towel. Find out more here.

customisable baby blanket

Comfy Bundle with gift box

customisable baby blanket

Customise yours at Little Somi’s website.


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