Best in Lactase Enzyme Tablets (for Lactose Intolerance)

Milkaid Junior 11 Jan 2023

Now your children can enjoy dairy products worry-free with Junior Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme tablets.


Reducing lactose content in dairy products by 70%, making them suitable for most children to consume.


Each Junior Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme tablet contains lactase 3000 ALU of enzyme activity, which is safe for young children 3+ years and above to consume. The natural strawberry flavoured tablets are also tasty, making them easy for children to chew.


Junior Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme tablets are designed to work in the acid environment of the stomach without affecting efficacy.


Junior Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme comes in tablet form, giving you convenience of use when eating out.


The active lactase enzymes are derived from natural and safe sources.


Every tablet is free from artificial flavours, gluten, yeast or lactose


Seems to work well for my 4 year old daughter who is sensitive and somewhat intolerant to dairy. She would get gassy and have tummy aches. The chewable pills make it easy for her to take. I will continue to keep purchasing this for her as it makes her tummy happy when she eats dairy, and mommy too. – Christie

My daughter loved this. She’s back to enjoying ice cream and cheese on occasion and she doesn’t have any GI upset when she uses these. She loves the taste. – Laura Horner

Easy to chew and swallow. Great flavor. Helps my son’s lactose issues. – Chase

1600 x 1600- Milkaid Junior Tablets 60s Front

"Best in lactase enzyme tablets "


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Junior Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme tablet is also available at Lazada, Shopee, Redmart, FairPrice Online, Mothercare, Woods pharmacy



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