Usher In An Auspicious Year Of The Rabbit At JP Pepperdine Group

Chinese New Year is all about removing the bad and the old, welcoming the good and the new; reuniting with our beloved families and last but not least enjoy eating good foods together! This year, usher in an auspicious Year of the Rabbit with a sumptuous meal from JP Pepperdine Group! JP Pepperdine Group offers fusion western dining with the lunar new year ingredients and seasonings with Jack’s Place, bento lunar new year meals and takeaway roasts with Eatzi Gourmet Catering and new year’s baked goodies with Eatzi Gourmet Bakery.

Dine In: Western Set Meals With a Lunar New Year Touch at Jack’s Place

Jack’s Place offers the N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Abalone Sauce and Sliced Abalone, the Barramundi Fillet with Ginger Plum Sauce and Golden Money Bag Dumpling and the Chicken with Pineapple Marmalade and Yam Basket with Scallop.

" Dine In at Jack's Place - Abundance Set Lunch"

Dine At Home: Halal Festive Takeaway Delights, Roasts and Favourites by Eatzi Gourmet Catering and Lunar New Year Cookies and Cakes by Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

For those who prefer to stay home, the group is offering their most popular dish, Roasted N.Z. Ribeye (1.5kg, S$118.80) and a fusion twist with the Fortune Smoked Salmon Yusheng at only S$58.80 (serves 10 persons). For a large family gathering, you may order Prosperity Buffet Sets or Bento Sets from Eatzi Gourmet Catering. 

Also, not to be missed are the Lunar New Year Cookies and Cakes which include the Hainanese Kaya Roll, the Nanyang Kopi Roll, Rainbow Kueh Lapis and the Lychee Pineapple Tarts.

"Fortune Yusheng"

"Roasted N.Z. Ribeye"

"Lunar New Year Cookies "


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