Best in Comprehensive Educational Student Care Programme

best comprehensive student care programme

EduFirst Learning Centre’s holistic student care programme ensures that every child receives quality after-school care. Their overall development is also supported through comprehensive enrichment programmes.


Comprehensive student care that caters to the physical, mental and character development of primary and secondary school students. Students’ daily needs and school work are fulfilled in EduFirst’s centres. In addition, EduFirst’s Integrated Student Development Programme (ISDP) also targets the child’s academic, social-emotional and character development for holistic learning.

Full Suite of Enrichment Programmes

EduFirst centres offer tuition classes across English, Chinese, Math and Science. However, there is also a comprehensive spread of enrichment across coding, arts, cooking and baking available. These classes extend learning into life skills and students’ various interest areas.

Quality Care and Environment

Clean, modern and comfortable environment that includes bathing, sleeping, learning, library and large play areas to meet the needs of students. Centres are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance so that the students’ security is never compromised. Many of EduFirst’s centres also include fetching service from the school bus drop-off points. Parents can enjoy peace of mind at work knowing that their children are well cared for.

Students also receive a customised timetable that caters to their school schedules and needs.

Qualified and Experienced Student Care Teachers

Teachers are selected through a stringent process. This is to ensure that they are not only well-qualified for the subject areas, but are also conscious of the students’ socio-emotional conditions. In addition, teachers look into students’ character and behaviour as part of the well-rounded care and development. Full-time tutors are on-hand to supervise daily home work.

EduFirst teachers not only possess a strong academic background, but are also aligned with its holistic approach to build the linguistic, social and motivation in each student to excel. A blend of formal and informal teaching methods are used to maximise learning. Regular progress reports are also provided so that parents are well-informed of the growth journey of their children.

Where students are nurtured academically, socially and emotionally through a holistic programme.


Great teachers who will adapt learning methods to students’ learning styles. Easy to follow lesson plans! – Charlene Tan


Significant improvement to my child’s academic results ever since we were introduced to this place. The environment is safe and conducive for learning. Definitely my first choice! – Darren Liew


My daughter has been with Edufirst (after school care and tuition) since P1. She has shown a lot of improvement in her English and Math.

I am happy to place my daughter here especially as a working mom, besides her tuition, her after school teachers guided her with assessments and homework. She has scored well for her school spelling.

I also noticed, she developed self confidence not just academically but also her character. The teachers has been very supportive and always updates me regarding my daughter progress. – Eka Atikah


I can see that my kids loved going to the after-school care center & even more enthusiastic to go there on school holidays because of the activities they provide & not to mentioned the lovely staff there.

When my kids were there, while I’m at work, I feel so at ease knowing that my kids are in safe hands because the teachers and staff are professional & passionate in their work. They also have empathy towards the working parents, more often than not made me feel they are assisting me in my motherhood journey.

Aside from ensuring that my kids are properly taken care of in terms of meals, they also checked on the kids school homework (if any) and ensure that the kids complete the homework. I am so grateful that the center is so near my home & grateful with my encounters with all the lovely staff there. Kudos to them! – Ellyz Jagg


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Trial lessons are available.
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