Here Is How TCM Can Revive Your Damaged Hair For Chinese New Year Visitations

Late nights, a poor diet and chemical treatments are common and unavoidable as we celebrate Chinese New Year. All these factors can contribute to damaged hair.

Nonetheless, the festivities also bring with them a spirit of rebirth and all things new, making it the perfect time to revive and restore your tresses.

Why use TCM to treat your damaged hair

Traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) are the preferred way as they address the root cause(s) of your hair damage without harmful side effects. The results are also long-lasting. Overall, your body is in better balance and harmony, giving you a healthy glow from head to toe.

Beijing 101 is an award-winning hair care centre that provides solutions for hair loss, scalp, dandruff and other hair-related issues. With more than four decades of experience and over 90% customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that Beijing 101 is the most trusted hair and scalp care centre in Singapore.

Natural herbal treatments customized for your hair issues

reviving your damaged hair with Beijing 101

On your first visit to Beijing 101 hair and scalp care centre, their professional hair consultants will conduct an in-depth hair and scalp analysis using high tech equipment. This analysis is able to determine how healthy your scalp is, as well as identify the real causes of your hair and scalp problems.  Based on the information, the hair consultants can then work out the best type of treatment suited for you.

At the same time, you may also request in-house TCM physicians to conduct simple health checks on your overall wellbeing. This will enable them to recommend a holistic solution for your hair issues.

What is impressive is that Beijing 101 can offer long-lasting solutions for more than 10 types of hair and scalp issues. These range from dandruff to hair loss, as well as oily scalp and damage from chemical treatments. Visible results can be seen as soon as your second session.

restore damaged hair with Beijing 101

Restoring healthy hair from outside and from within

Many off-the-counter hair treatment products are in truth, applying even more chemicals on damaged hair or scalp. Beijing 101 takes a completely different approach by focusing on regulating your body internally and nourishing from the outside using natural herbal formulations. This unique and holistic process is what makes them so effective.

The external treatment begins with a complete scalp clean containing a special serum to thoroughly cleanse the pores. This is followed by a hair mask comprising of premium grade TCM herbs such as ginseng, dang gui, he shou wu and ling zhi – all known for their ability to promote healthy hair growth and supporting the immune system and blood circulation.

For internal regulation, look to Beijing 101’s Signature Meridian Herbal Treatment. It comprises of acupressure, relaxation and scalp massage. These techniques are targeted at improving circulation to encourage healthy and stronger hair growth while preventing greying and hair loss, and can relieve headaches from built-up tension. The Signature Meridian Herbal Treatment can also be customized to improve your overall wellbeing or address any sleep disorders. 

Expect excellent service

Apart from effective treatments, Beijing 101 is also well-known for their impeccable service. Be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable hair consultants who make an effort to understand your concerns and make only the necessary recommendations. During your session, you will be pampered by highly trained staff and their massages will immediately put you in a blissful state of relaxation.

If you’re looking for an effective and holistic, all-natural TCM way to revive your hair for Chinese New Year, book an appointment with Beijing 101 here. Special Promotion for Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment is available at $40 (UP: $532) now and customers will even receive a S$10 shopping voucher (FairPrice promo code). Just in time for stocking up your Chinese New Year goodies!