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write edge comprehensive creative writing programme

Students learn to embrace their voice and practise writing confidently at Write Edge


Write Edge specialises in enabling students to master the art of writing effectively and creatively. As the preferred English and Writing School, Write Edge uses technique-driven methods and equip students with essential exam strategies. Write Edge’s small class sizes coupled with dedicated teachers will provide immediate and personalised feedback to provide better student engagement and resulting in better academic performance.

Together with Write Edge’s supportive team of senior teachers, teaching specialists and centre managers, they will help empower and support all parents to ensure your child’s success in the classroom and beyond. Write Edge (WE) offers both online and physical lessons in classrooms, to suit the needs of students and parents alike.

write edge comprehensive creative writing programme

Nurturing young writers to achieve greater literary heights and stellar grades at Write Edge

Our Programmes:
  • Primary Creative Writing
  • Primary English Enrichment
  • Secondary English Mastery
  • Online Classes
Small and Effective Class Size

Their small class size of 6-8 students enables us to provide undivided attention from their teachers, giving them the chance to cater to each child’s learning style.

Methodological and Up-to-Date Curriculum

In WE’s most popular and highly-effective Primary & Creative Writing Classes, a skills-based and thematic approach is used to prepare children for Composition Writing component in PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations). Children will be exposed to crucial creative writing skills and a wide variety of vocabulary to help develop their stories and compositions. Children will be guided through Creative Writing Skills, Guided Writing Lessons, and Independent Writing Lessons.

Primary English Enrichment lessons cover segments from Comprehension to Oral Communication and the comprehensive programme is designed to equip students with exam strategies to excel in English!

Structured around a three-week cycle, the Secondary English Mastery lessons empower students with language skills comprising Comprehension, Writing, and Core Skills, which are continually revisited and reinforced with increasing levels of complexity as students progress.

As we adapt to an increasingly digital world, WE’s English and Writing Online classes offers students the flexibility of attending lessons from the comfort of their own home. Students will have access to their complete repository of content, structured materials, and teaching methods online, along with interactive sessions with teachers via Zoom. 

Read more about the Programmes and Workshops here.

13 Years of Creative Writing Experience

Ensuring that learning supports the latest MOE syllabus, and with over 13 years of experience in the field and more than 5000 students to-date, Write Edge keeps to the brand promise of Mastery Made Possible with each and every student’s success at the heart of everything they do.

Individualised Feedback

To ensure significant gains and achievements, the class size is kept only at a maximum of 8 students per teacher, with each class duration consisting of 2 hours of structured learning. Undivided attention from teachers gives students a chance to cater to each of the student’s learning style and needs. Personalised and immediate feedback from the teachers also allow for breathing space for the students, supporting them further in reaching their fullest potential.

Dedicated and Passionate Educators

Over 50 dedicated, trained and passionate educators work together with students at Write Edge to empower them to embrace their voice, tackle difficult composition topics confidently and learning the nuances of the English language in the classroom and online. Our teachers are experts in giving your child the support they need. More than just educators, our teachers are listeners, mentors, and cheerleaders!


Constant practice in creative writing has helped my boy. The teachers at the centre were friendly and patient. They taught him skills in crafting stories with logical plot development, creating stories with engaging plot and descriptive depictions of characters’ emotions. – Doris

Teacher Jolene took the time to guide Jolene to overcome her weak areas. The support shown by the teachers and management during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period was much appreciated. Excellent notes, structured curriculum and dedicated teachers. – Mrs Tan

Write Edge runs an excellent writing programme for primary students. Their materials are well-crafted and lessons delivered are engaging and tailored to the needs of individual students. I would particularly like to give a shout-out to Teacher Dian. She is very patient with my boy and is very encouraging. Her marking is very accurate and timely done. My son was initially a hesitant writer but today, after being taught by Teacher Dian, I have seen him soar in his writing ability. – Eif LM

My daughter is a P2 student at Write Edge. She learns composition writing with teacher Joash. Beneath that bespectacled demeanour, he is a comical person who peppers his teachings with amusing jokes to lighten up the mood. He is also compassionate and truly cares about his students’ progress. She really appreciates teacher Joash because when she has doubts about story planning, meanings of the new phrases and vocabulary, he will take time to explain it to her. If she still does not understand, he will be persistent that she fully grasps the concept and not simply gloss over it. Thank you Mr Joash for teaching the students with passion and dedication every week. – Lynn Ong

Mastery of the English Language Made Possible


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