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Using sight, signals and sounds to nurture a love for reading in your child


Since its founding in Singapore is 2004, Zoo-phonics School is gaining reputation as being a progressive language literacy enrichment centre where accelerated learning and fun are synonymous. 

The Zoo-phonics® integrated approach effectively develops a young child’s literacy skills and builds a foundation for learning across other subjects. Created by award-winning teachers from USA, the Zoo-phonics® curriculum uses a whole brain approach that involves all of a child’s senses to stimulate learning through creative play, hands-on activities, stories, drama, art, music and rhymes.

early literacy Zoo-Phonics

Today, Zoo-phonics’ unique approach to teaching young children phonics, reading and writing is widely used around the world.  The programme, which revolves around a cast of 26 animal friends, makes the abstract and complex reading process more fun and concrete. This whole-brain kinesthetics programme effectively takes your child on a fun and interactive journey of learning to read independently.

In Singapore, Zoo-phonics School has more than 19 years of proven track record of successfully teaching many young learners to become confident speakers, fluent readers and effective writers, preparing them well ahead for tomorrow’s world.

Zoo-phonics started out as two experienced school teachers’ desire to meet their students’ learning needs. They designed an age-appropriate program that engages children through a multi-modal approach in five essential areas: speaking (oral), hearing (phono), seeing (visual), moving (kinesthetics), touching (tactile). Catering to 18-month to 6-year-olds, their growing brains are sufficiently stimulated, ensuring a holistic experience regardless of the type of learner your child is.

early literacy Zoo-Phonics
Backed by research

Current research states that children need an awareness and understanding that “the sounds paired with the letters are one and the same as the sounds of speech”. Zoo-phonics’ philosophy is 100% aligned with this, that’s why animal/letters and body signals are introduced at an early age. This allows your child easy access not only to the concepts of the alphabet, but also to the shapes and sounds, and what to do with the alphabet. 

Testing of the Zoo-phonics method in schools have also been studied extensively to show its effectiveness. Several peer-reviewed studies show that Zoo-phonics’ pictorial mnemonic, movement, sensory exploration and novel approaches have shown as much as 59% improvement in pre-schoolers’ letter recognition ability.

Multi-Sensorial Approach to Effective Learning

Effective learning only takes place when the child is actively involved in his or her own learning. The most natural way that young children acquire information is by employing all their senses to investigate their interesting surroundings. 

In Zoo-phonics School, young learners learn through oral (speaking), phono (hearing), visual (seeing), kinesthetic (moving) and tactile (touching) whole-brain approach.  By basing education programmes on young children’s natural way of gathering information, the children’s learning capacity is maximised, difficult academic tasks are transformed into delightful ones.

Early literacy Zoo-Phonics
Zoo-phonics is all-inclusive

Many parents are concerned if mainstream teaching will be too challenging for their children with learning disabilities. Zoo-phonics’ kinaesthetic and multi-modal approach works exceptionally well with students with learning disabilities because it is both concrete and engaging. Where a child is weak in one area, there are three other channels of learning that support overall progress. Movement is strongly encouraged, so wiggly children can have fun and learn at the same time.


“Constance’s improvement in her development has been encouraging to the family.  She has demonstrated good progress and we are very pleased with Zoo-phonics.”
– Moses and Woon Chai, Parent of Constance (4 year old)


“My girls have shown vast improvements in their learning and behaviour since they started lessons in Zoo-phonics School”
– Mrs Yee, Parent of Nicole and Nicale (4 year old)

My child enjoys the classes at Zoo-phonics School and looks forward to every lesson.  After attending Zoo-phonics School, he is now able to read a whole story book confidently.”
– May Wee, Parent of Zhang Young (Wise Owl, 6 year old)

"Zoo-phonics is perfect for the classroom, building an important foundation for reading, spelling and writing the fun and playful way. "


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