Best in Kids Playmat


Known for its super soft texture, colourful, bouncy and breathable design, Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat is perfect for any season. Uniquely designed to be easy to clean, pet-friendly, and quick-drying, it is no wonder that Momomi  Soft Touch Tatami Mat is the best-of-the best playmat in the market for babies and toddlers.

Designed for busy families, the Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat is made with the innovative High Elastic PuffySponge™️, creating an extremely soft and bouncy product that is perfect for walking, playing or resting.

Momomi baby mat

Multi-Functional Features

Spending quality time together has never been more relaxing, not to mention cozy too! The Soft Touch Tatami Mat is not only highly resilient, it is also safe for young children. The Anti-Slip Backing and long-lasting shape will give families peace of mind, especially with active babies and toddlers around. The 30mm thick signature collection of playmats will bring you much-needed assurance – no more worrying about falls, accidents or hard bumps

Where Tradition Meets Modern Design

Sustainably designed, the Soft Tatami Touch Mat uses high-quality material which is traditionally stitched to withstand wear and tear. Available in 12 colours and in 12 standard sizes, the signature collection can suit the aesthetics of any home with its simplicity. You can even customize your own to blend seamlessly into any room in the home.

Momomi playmat

Ethically Produced by Female Artisans

Each Soft Touch Tatami Mat is ethically produced by female artisans. Momomi works empowers local communities by allowing them to further develop and promote their skills, providing a sustainable income for their families. Each stitch and overall design is thoughtfully and carefully made. This collaboration results in beautiful designs that carves out a cozy corner in the home for family bonding. Coloured with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes that are free from AZO and other harmful chemicals, the production process is kind on the planet, and better for Mother Earth.


Get the Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat now at Momomi’s online store, available in 12 colours in 12 standard designs or customize your own!