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Student Care Programme

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Kids & Co teaches your child to have compassion, be confident and to form strong, long-lasting relationships with others.


Looking for an after-school student care programme with productive and engaging curriculum for your child? Look no further because Kids & Co is the all-in-one place for them! A fun, exciting, and stimulating learning environment that children look forward to spend time every day.

Kids & Co strives to provide safe, engaging and meaningful programmes that enrich students’ lives while giving parents peace of mind. They also offer other programmes such as playgroups for toddlers and educational school holiday programmes.


"Kids & Co - The place where children feels
safe and understood. "


Conducive Learning Environment

Kids & Co’s premises and learning spaces are thoughtfully designed to create a warm, positive and homely environment for children.


Closely Monitor Each Child’s Progress

Kids & Co implemented a low teacher-to-child ratio to ensure that all teachers can closely monitor each child’s academic progress.


Daily Homework & Learning Support

Every day, Kids & Co’s teachers provide homework and learning support to help children stay on track with their schoolwork and excel academically. Teachers will promptly provide additional practise questions to strengthen children’s understanding of the learning concepts, particularly those with learning gaps.


Strong Parental Engagement

Kids & Co valued close communication and partnership among the school, parent and child. They believed it is the key for keeping track of the child’s learning journey and overall development.


Community-Centred Project Enrichment Curriculum

Community service learning is the foundation of Kids & Co’s curriculum, where they work closely with community partners to motivate children to solve specific community issues and develop real-world solutions.

Through research, planning and project execution, Kids & Co’s creative approach allows children to gain authentic, real-life learning experiences.

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"Children will be inspired to develop critical
thinking & creative problem solving skills. "


PLAYGROUP – For 18 months to 3 years old children

The playgroup programme at Kids & Co are based on Ministry of Education nurturing early learners (NEL) framework. They are designed to lay a solid foundation for a child’s early years development such as listening, speaking and reading.

This comprehensive curriculum incorporates principles from the eight Multiple Intelligences while also meeting all aspects of a child’s holistic development. The supportive learning environment in Kids & Co will engage young children’s senses, promote hands-on learning and nurture their natural desire to learn.


STUDENT CARE – For Primary 1 to 6 students

Kids & Co’s Student Care programme is a community-focused, project-based learning curriculum that encourages children to develop a strong sense of purpose while also strengthening their resilience and social-emotional skills.

Children will participate in various activities such as STEM curriculum, community projects, active group games, character building, creative art expressions and performing arts programmes.


HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES – For Primary 1 to 6 students

School holidays becomes extremely fun and memorable with Kids & Co, where their thematic holiday camps offer plenty of opportunities for children to immerse themselves in unique learning experiences such as brain games, academic booster, mindful activities and even educational excursions.

This is a great opportunity for them to discover new interests and curiosities during the school holiday season!

"A close-knit community with a strong bond between teachers and students to ensure greater care and more individualised attention for your child. "


Sign up for one of Kids & Co’s programmes and see how they can help your child develop resilience, self-confidence, social skills and learn how they can actively contribute back to the community.




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