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ARN focuses specifically on verbal communication, keeping the entire therapy effective and enjoyable for children.


Parents of children with autism and/or other developmental delays are constantly worried about their child’s ability to attend a mainstream school and have a productive, fulfilling life. The team at Autism Recovery Network (ARN) understands these critical factors, and they want to help you turn that hope into a reality.

With 50 years of clinical experience, ARN has offered the highest quality early intervention programme tailored to your child’s specific needs since 2005. It is designed to equip your child with the necessary skills required for neurotypical children to enter a mainstream primary school and to live a successful, independent life.

At ARN, quality is their top priority, and they do not settle for anything less than the best. Over 3000 children have seen their lives improved by the tireless efforts of ARN’s staff, and your child can be next to have a better future than before.


Benefits Of ABA-VB Therapy & ABLLS-R® Assessment Tool

At ARN, they combine a highly effective therapy method known as the Applied Behavior Analysis – Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) approach with an internationally recognised assessment tool called ABLLS-R®, Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised.

The comprehensive ABLLS-R assessment tool helps both ARN’s board certified behaviour analysts (BCBAs) and parents understand the child’s progress by providing a complete review of the skills required for the child to learn effectively. With their years of expertise, ARN’s BCBAs identify gaps in the child’s skill development, which enables effective planning of the ABA-VB therapy programme that is specifically designed to fill those gaps. The BCBAs track the skill development and map progress in ABLLS-R so that the curriculum can be adjusted and paced according to your child’s individual developmental needs.

ABA-VB therapy is a highly advanced and effective programme that uses a functional yet compassionate approach that focuses on verbal communication and behaviour management, keeping the entire therapy effective and enjoyable for children. 

Dr. James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D, the leading expert who specialises in providing only the most effective, evidence-based services to children with autism and other developmental delays, has founded both of these methods. Working exclusively with ARN, Dr. James Partington trains every member of ARN’s staff in the constantly evolving methodology of ABA-VB to ensure that they are always delivering the most updated and effective curriculum.

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"Effective learning in a stable and caring
environment with ARN "


By Parents With Autism Children, For Parents With Autism Children

The team at ARN consists of parents with children who have autism, so they are fully aware of the frustrations and challenges that you might encounter while teaching your child due to the obstacles brought about by developmental delays. All of ARN’s therapists undergo regular training in behavioural intervention and early learning programmes to ensure that they are fully qualified.

All of ARN’s training is designed to achieve an increased recovery rate for children with autism and other developmental delays. They believe that the most powerful way to transform your child’s life is through consistent and intensive ABA-VB therapy. After completing the ABA-VB programme, children with developmental delays are able to enrol in mainstream school, and some even get into Ivy League universities.

"ABA-VB method has been proven to achieve positive effects on a child’s learning development "

Teaching Your Child How To Learn

ARN has found that in working with children with autism or developmental delays, it is important to first teach the child how to learn. Early learning and communication skills must be prioritised in the programme whenever a child starts their therapy. 

As part of the ABA-VB therapy, ARN provides training for parents to use similar intervention strategies during their daily interactions with their children at home in order to greatly strengthen and support the effectiveness of the therapy program.

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"ARN is here to help your child acquire speech
and overcome speech difficulties. "


ARN strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children they work with. Regardless of the different intensity of the child’s level of challenging behaviour, ARN is trusted by parents to customise the programme to address their child’s needs and rectify any inappropriate behaviour.

Moreover, ARN is also Baby Bonus Approved, which will ease the financial burden on parents and encourage more parents to seek timely help for their children, and the only BACB (ACE) – certified provider in Southeast Asia, where they provide continuous education for board certified behaviour analysts (BCBAs).

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