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Learn the nuances of English creative writing at The Writer’s Place – a premium writing school with exemplary teachers!


The School of Writing for Children in Singapore

In the sea of many multi-disciplinary enrichment schools, The Writer’s Place (TWP) has established itself as an enrichment school specialising in only one core subject – English creative writing for primary school students in Singapore.

Specialised Enrichment Centre for Primary 1-6 English Creative Writing

Recognizing that composition writing is one of the most difficult skills to master in primary school English, TWP has spent the last 12 years focusing on providing its students with the best English creative writing learning experience possible.

Many of the parents who have entrusted their children to TWP are not surprised, because it is arguably one of the top English creative writing schools in Singapore that has successfully empowered and nurtured their students to become highly skilled creative writers.

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"Personally, I think that the most important thing is that my child ENJOYS attending class. The stories taught in class are a break from the norm as they have INTERESTING twists in them. I appreciate that the teachers give constant feedback regarding my child’s progress and behavior in class.”
– Testimonial by Parent of Shu Kehyan, P2 "


Tailored Solutions for Every Student

What sets The Writer’s Place apart from other enrichment schools is that the teachers and staff are responsive and warm in their communication with both students and their parents.

Teachers provide tailored solutions by giving regular feedback to parents on their child’s progress and are receptive to problems. They prioritised systematic lessons with effective step-by-step guidance for students to effectively and quickly grasp vocabulary and writing techniques. These will overcome students’ resistance to writing by simplifying the process, thus equipping them to have exam readiness in writing a composition under 50 minutes.

"Students not only learn through books but learn through PLAY! Teacher is patient and shares frequent feedback with parents. She uses a lot of ENCOURAGING remarks to MOTIVATE children.”
- Testimonial by Parent of Mori Yuhjin, P2 "


Proven Effective Curriculum

TWP has discovered what it takes to compose a well-structured, well-rounded, and high-scoring composition by using a highly effective research-based curriculum. This main curriculum, along with all of its supporting knowledge and skills, is taught to students as the path for exam preparation in a highly intuitive manner. Here are some of TWP’s tried-and-true methods to enhance mastery in English creative writing:

• Demonstrating engaging stories written in-house
• Brainstorming targeted ideas & vocabulary
• Practicing an exam-oriented approach
• Complementing writing with visuals, videos & interactive games
• Conducting structured in-class revision

A Nurturing Environment for Students

The school’s proficiency in honing the students’ creative expression is evidently shown by the nurturing care of the teachers. TWP believe that even the most gifted and experienced writers cannot produce a compelling copy without a conducive environment to support the creative flow.

The teachers at TWP clearly have a positive influence by making every learning experience enjoyable, engaging and fun. As a result, they received many positive feedback and heartfelt notes of thanks from grateful parents.

Although the school’s main mission is to help students achieve great results, TWP also recognises and celebrates every little milestone that each student has achieved along the journey.


"Very GOOD teaching skills that helped improved
my son’s writing. He has achieved his HIGHEST
score in composition writing!”
– Testimonial by Parent of Chen Helin, P6


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The Writer’s Place operates from the following centres:

Woodlands Galaxy Community Club (WLDS)
Tel: 9452 5144,

Keat Hong Community Club (CCK)
Tel: 9183 2129,