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With Fang Cao Yuan’s award-winning curriculum, your child will acquire Chinese language skills in a fun, engaging, and effective way without rote learning


Combining the advanced Seewo Multimedia Teaching System with an interactive learning approach, Fang Cao Yuan Chinese Learning (FCY) provides a dynamic environment to ignite your child’s interest whilst developing their Chinese language skills as well as improving their grades significantly. FCY nurtures their students to be proficient users of Chinese with five capabilities: Confidence, Interest, Creativity, Teamwork and Communication Skill.


FCY’s Preschool Chinese Program is tailored for kids aged 3 to 6, focusing on cultivating their interest in Mandarin through sing-along sessions and interactive teaching methods, and supporting them to be well-ready for primary 1 formal education.


For Primary School Chinese Program, FCY designs the curriculum in line with the MOE syllabus; they use PSLE past years’ papers as a source of regular practice and provide special training to improve their student’s ability in reading, comprehension and writing.


FCY has developed an advanced Seewo Multimedia Teaching System that allows teachers to design their lessons to be fun, engaging, and effective. 



Originating in Hubei, Fang Cao Yuan Chinese Learning has established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Angel Education Group. With over 10 years of teaching experience, FCY’s program has benefitted ten thousand students and made it one of the best Chinese enrichment schools in China. In 2021, FCY opened its first enrichment centre in Singapore.

With a fun and engaging approach, FCY designed the curriculum in line with the Singapore MOE syllabus, helping students to build a strong foundation in the Chinese language whilst preparing them for PSLE and secondary school examinations.

" Learning Chinese can be fun ! "

Interactive and Fun Chinese Program for Young Learners

Unique to FCY is its proprietary Seewo Multimedia Teaching System, their lessons are conducted through a series of engaging and fun activities including games, video, storytelling and sing-along sessions to create a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience. Aside from learning Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Stroke, and vocabulary, the students will also learn about the unique culture of Chinese. These help to cultivate their interest in the Chinese Language from a young age; most importantly, they have great fun during the lessons!

FCY offers three programs as below:

  • Preschool Chinese Program is centred on sparking children’s interest in Mandarin through sing-along sessions, storytelling and picture cards. They will also learn Hanyu Pinyin and practice writing Chinese characters.
  • Primary School Chinese Program focuses on building a solid foundation in Chinese. They will learn the techniques to answer the commonly tested questions and composition topics in PSLE.
  • Secondary School Chinese Program equips the students with tips to excel in composition writing and prepare them for their school examinations and O-level Chinese paper.

From specially designed classrooms, multimedia-integrated lessons and immersive learning environments to premium learning materials, FCY strives to provide the best for their students. In addition, they have a team of highly experienced and qualified educators with academic degrees from recognised universities.

At this premium Chinese enrichment school, children will learn all the essential Chinese language skills and build a strong foundation in writing, speaking, listening and reading. Most importantly, the acquired language skills will follow the students through their lifetime and prepare them to be super learners in the fast-changing worlds.

"An engaging and effective Chinese program "


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