Best in Brain Development

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Highly recommended by parents for its high quality playgroup sessions and affordable monthly fees, Star Tots Playgroup for children from 18 months to 3 years old is committed to providing an all-rounded educational experience that suits every child’s learning needs and growth development.

"Playgroup provides children the opportunity for self-expression and self-confidence​"


Star Tots Playgroup provides an all-rounded curriculum, incorporating the use of Letterland (a fun, creative and successful UK-based phonics system), Partial Montessori Life Skills, Multiple Intelligences Approach, and Pre-writing and Pre-reading skills, all within a short 2-hour session every Monday to Friday. Parents pay only $200 monthly for up to 20-23 sessions.

At Star Tots Playgroup, cultivating ‘The Well-Rounded Child’ involves strengthening skills in Brain Development, Sight Words, Math and Science, Music & Movement, & Speech and Drama. Adopting the Multiple Intelligences Approach – a way of providing activities and experiences that address all of the ways that children are Smart – Star Tots Playgroup is committed to honing and developing the potential of every child who comes through its doors.

A teacher-student ratio of 7 to a maximum of 16 children per 1 Lead Teacher certified in Early Childhood Education as well as 1 Assistant Teacher will be assigned to ensure holistic learning and personalised interaction.


With over 15 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Education sector and over 8000 graduands to date, Star Tots Playgroup is the 2-time winner for the second year in a row, having won the Parents World Award for Best in Brain Development 2022/23. Conveniently located at HDB estates islandwide, finding a centre near home is easy.

Known for its educational and lively Playgroup sessions, every child goes home feeling even more confident as they adapt to being in school for two hours daily. Managing separation anxiety is key in the initial days of attending playgroup, as it helps children to adapt to longer hours in childcare in the future and being independent. Children will eventually learn to trust that their loved ones will return at the end of the day for them.

Holistic Curriculum Offerings

At Star Tots Playgroup, parents can be assured that all developmental areas of their child are developed – Physical Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, as well as Intellectual Development. Read more about “The Well-Rounded Child” here.

"Enhancing all areas of their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development "

A Team of Dedicated Educators

With caring and dedicated educators to guide each child every step of the way, the Playgroup’s highly qualified and trained personnel possess the necessary certification and skills in managing, educating and caring for young children. Star Tots educators are qualified and trained in Preschool Teaching/Early Childhood Education, with the Curriculum Specialist holding a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

"Star Tots kids will enjoy learning through new experiences, music, group singing and free play"

High Parent Satisfaction Ratings

Run by Edufarm Learning centre, Star Tots Playgroup has been a leading player in Playgroup services over the years, and satisfied parents lauded its nurturing environment, caring educators, as well as its outstanding curriculum that enhances social skills, independence, and enthusiasm to learn in every child.


Intake 2023: Registration for children born in 2020/2021 is now open!

Children from 18 months to 3 years old are now eligible for registration.

Contact/WhatsApp 8138 3440, or click here to register. Limited vacancies available.



Conducted across Singapore at around 120 Centres islandwide – see Website for detailed list of locations.

Call/WhatsApp: 8138 3440 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)