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As one of Singapore’s most trusted enrichment centres, Learning Journey Education Centre (LJEC) has been featured on CNA Talking Point, 938Now and The Straits Times and is this year’s winner of “Best in English Online Tuition Classes”; a testimony to the school’s remarkable success in providing effective and impressive English programmes to thousands of students over the past 11 years.


Provides English programs with a proven track record which includes 75% of their PSLE Cohort scoring AL1-AL4 for the last 8 years, 95% of their IP4 students graduating with Distinction for their end-of-year examinations and 70% of their GP students achieving an A for their General Paper! Most importantly, the acquired language skills will follow the students through their lifetime and prepare them to be future-ready competent learners!


LJEC provides online and physical English programmes that are effective to improve students’ grades significantly.


The online classes are designed to be “live” and interactive with real-time feedback and marking. The classes are effective in improving students’ composition writing skills and preparing them for their examinations.


LJEC offers a small class setting of 4 to 8 students so that the teachers can customise their approach to give each child space to grow.



Check out the testimonials given by their students and parents on how  LJEC has helped them to achieve their desired grades:

“ LJEC  taught me various tips and techniques to answer questions and they helped me a lot in my PSLE. My results improved tremendously even though I was only with them for about 6 to 7 months and I managed to improve by over 10 marks. Thank you LJEC for your wonderful teaching methods and guidance throughout the 6 months I had with you.”

From AL3 to AL1 in 6 months, Full Marks (Prelims Oral)  Charlie Cho Primary 6 Bukit Timah Primary School

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"Live, interactive and effective online tuition"

Exceptional and Structured Tuition Classes

Using their LJEC proprietary in-house techniques, Learning Journey adopts proven, effective and customized techniques to help students achieve their desired grades! With an award-winning current affairs-driven curriculum, Learning Journey offers a wide range of English tuition classes such as:

  • Super Writers™ Creative writing & English Tuition
  • Super Writers™ Secondary English Tuition
  • Super Writers™ IP English & General Paper Tuition Classes 
  • Super Readers™ Phonics & Reading Classes
  • Super Primary 1 Preparation Classes

Besides that, LJEC adopts Super Learners™ A.I. Learning Platform to provide personalized revision practices to reinforce their lessons coupled with instant marking and feedback. On the platform, there are over 10,000 questions for revision. It can also track students’ progress by providing comprehensive progress reports and insights.


LJEC have been providing online and physical English programmes. However, since introducing of online classes in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic, many of their students who were attending in-person classes have opted to switch permanently to online classes as they felt that the teaching quality and efficacy of classes were comparable with in-person classes.

About Founder of LJEC

Principal Ms Grace Tan is the author of Six (6) Comprehension Cloze Techniques Assessment books with Singapore Asia Publisher. These books have been on sale at Popular Bookstores for the last 6 years with numerous MOE Primary Schools using the books in their curriculum. In addition, Grace has also authored two (2) model essay books for secondary & Integrated Programme (IP) students. Ace Your Essay Writing: Argumentative, Discursive & Expository Essays (O-Level/IP) and Ace Your Essay Writing: Personal Recount, Reflective & Expository Essays.


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