Best Family-Friendly Restaurant: Slappy Cakes

Dining out with your kids is a fun-filled and interactive experience at Slappy Cakes!


The perfect place for the whole family to chill out and enjoy delectable meals in a cosy environment. With built-in griddles at each table, the make-your-own (MYO) dining concept allows kids to have a hands-on experience of creating their pancakes with a wide selection of ingredients to choose from!


Kids are allowed to be “pancake masters” by making and eating their own pancakes too!


The restaurant offers all-day breakfast dishes and western delicacies, which are great for any time of the day.


The restaurant is specially designed with a cosy ambience and impressive child-friendly settings such as low tables and chairs.



Originating from Portland, Slappy Cakes was introduced into Singapore in 2013 as a trendy, interactive and fun dining concept. Over the years, Slappy Cakes has bagged various awards such as “Best Dessert Awards” by The Food Journal USA, as well as the “Epicurean Star Award” and 5S Excellence Award 2018 by the Restaurant Association of Singapore. This year, they won Parents World’s BOTB award for having the “Best Family-Friendly Restaurant!”

Make Your Own Pancake, Right On Your Table

Kids are allowed to make their own pancakes and relish them! At Slappy Cakes, its freshly-made batters come in easy-to-handle, fun tubes and are available in a variety of flavours such as Whole Grain, Buttermilk, Pandan and Chocolate.

During the cooking process, kids can play with different shapes and patterns, and let their creativity run wild to craft the pancakes with a wide choice of toppings such as Chocolate Chips, Nuts, Granola, Fruits, Jams and Spreads, Cheddar Cheese, Mushroom, Ham, Bacon, Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup and more. To ensure the safety of the children, Slappy Cakes uses built-in non-stick griddles that do not require adding cooking oil and prevent splattering or scalding incidents.

Serve All-Day Breakfast, Pasta, Pancake and More

Besides having fun creating your pancakes, you can also enjoy their all-day breakfast dishes and western delicacies which are great for any time of the day. They offer an impressive selection of choices, including a range of pasta, and American Classics. Some popular choices among diners are Old-Fashioned Breaded Fish & Chips, Country Fried Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese.

The most popular pick amongst the younger diners is the Carbonara with Egg; silky spaghetti in creamy pasta topped with chicken ham and turkey bacon and served with a perfectly cooked onsen egg with a dash of parmesan cheese. For those who love Okonomiyaki, you can also DIY with a complete set of ingredients including buttermilk batter, prawn, cabbage and more. It is absolutely delicious.


"Carbonara with Egg"

"Pacific White Fish and Chips"


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Slappy Cakes
Northshore Plaza II
418 Northshore Drive, #01-11
Singapore 820418
Tel :+65 69922992