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“Old rules redefined, instantly”

Do you know that your body is made up of 60 percent water? Thus, it is commonly recommended that we need to drink 8 glasses of water daily to keep the body hydrated and healthy. To ensure our drinking water is clean and pure, we need a water dispenser with a good filtration system.  Made in Korea, novita Instant Hot & Water Dispenser W1 – The Instant Perfect, redefines old rules; gives you extra time, excess space, more savings, quality purified water and energy efficiency instantly.


novita W1 is engineered with 4th Generation Technology that advances with smart, stable and sleek configuration. It is a tankless water dispenser, adopting an instant heating system which only heats up what you need for energy efficiency. Designed keeping in mind the demand of parenthood and the paucity of time faced by busy parents, it instantly dispenses your choice of hot, cold, warm and room temperature in pre-set volumes of 120ml, 250ml, 500ml and any amount up to 3 litres at just a touch on the button. With this, you can now prepare your favourite drinks and instant food effortlessly at any time of the day!

“Stylish, smart and energy efficient”


Unique to novita W1 is a HydroNano 5-stage filtration system that provides optimum filtration performance to remove all the suspended particles, sediments, 99.99% bacteria and chlorine found in the source water. As a result, you can enjoy fresh, quality, great-tasting purified water to hydrate and revitalise the body daily. 
In addition, it is smartly equipped with a self-maintenance system sanitization that can be auto-activated to clean and sterilize the internal flow pipes once after every 72 hours of operation via electrolysis technology. This is to ensure the whole piping system is free of germs, mineral depositions and scaling, and working optimally to produce clean and purified water. 
In line with Singapore’s initiative to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, novita W1 adopts instant heating to cut carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability with zero water wastage. Most importantly, with novita W1, you will save up to 60% on electricity consumption than regular water dispensers and electric kettles! 
Comes in a sleek and compact 182mm width, novita W1 is beautifully articulated in graphite black and glacier white with a good fit for any modern home. The water dispenser is specially designed with many user-friendly features such as a child-safety hot water lock indicator, a detachable drip tray to accommodate different sizes of the water container, a removal nozzle for easy maintenance and more. It also features an EzTwist® filter design which allows easy replacement of filters with just a twist and place in a snap!

“Best for your home and workplace”

This year, novita Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispenser W1 has been awarded Parents World’s Best of the Best Family Friendly Product 2022/23 for Best Instant Water Dispenser. With all its smart and user-friendly features as well as the utmost convenience it offers, it is the perfect choice for your home and workplace.


novita W1 is one of the smartest and most user-friendly instant water dispensers we have probably seen in the market! Having novita W1 at home is extremely convenient with its all-in-one functions (water filter, kettle and container). Also, you no longer have to wait for the water to boil just to brew a cup of coffee! 

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