Best Integrated Learning Programme

Child’s Play: unlocking every child’s potential through fun and adventurous learning!

Alphabet Playhouse’s bilingual integrated programme aims to cultivate
the Growth Mindset through purposeful play.

They say play is the work of children—and it’s true! It’s as much a part of healthy development as eating vegetables and getting a good night’s sleep. Even the United Nations lists play as one of the basic rights of every child.

With the mission to unlock every child’s potential through fun and adventurous learning, you just know that your little one will enjoy their learning journey at Alphabet Playhouse! As a trusted premium preschool with over 26 years of experience, Alphabet Playhouse’s bilingual integrated programme aims to cultivate curious thinkers, resilient champions and caring citizens. As such, it is be fitting that Alphabet Playhouse wins this year’s BOTB for having the “Best Integrated Learning Programme” !

Developing confident young explorers with “Growth Mindset”

Set in spacious bungalows amidst lush greenery and equipped with top-of-the-line facilities, the Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset and Alphabet Playhouse @ East Coast preschools seek to uncover every child’s potential through a curriculum framework based on the “Growth Mindset” concept – the belief that a child’s skills and qualities can be cultivated through effort and perseverance.

This mindset is ever more relevant in today’s VUCA world, where the future may seem uncertain and complex. As such, having a Growth Mindset fosters resilience and adaptability, which are traits that can give your little one an edge in the future. Best of all, this mindset is instilled and reinforced in every child at Alphabet Playhouse, through the array of fun and exciting activities!

Bilingual Integrated Programme which incorporates Sports, Music and Creative Arts

Catering to little ones from 18 months till 6 years old, the preschool’s World AdventurerTM bilingual integrated programme allow the children to explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner; across various themes, projects and stories, and through math games, music and creative arts.

Beyond academic learning, the grounds of both schools are equipped with outdoor playgrounds and generous open spaces, to allow children to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and play. These outdoor areas are the stage for the preschool’s Ready, Set, Grow!TM Programme to take place, where children learn the fundamental skills of eight popular sports played within age-appropriate groups, to inculcate in them valuable traits; for example teamwork, resilience and a mindset that embraces challenges.

Parent Endorsements
Valued for its strong emphasis on the Growth Mindset pedagogy, bilingual integrated curriculum, and exceptional leadership, glowing endorsements abound from parents whose children who have spent their formative years at Alphabet Playhouse.

“None of this could have been possible if not for all the teachers who care very deeply for every student and of course the leadership and compassion of the school principal. They are all very kind, flexible and open about how our children are doing at school. We wanted a school that would allow us to be around and make the most of the precious pre-school time. We were very lucky to find Alphabet Playhouse which became a big part of our family. As our oldest child graduates from Alphabet Playhouse this month, we will be very emotional that this important chapter in his life is coming to an end. But, we are excited in anticipation for the experiences to come and the learning that will shape and grow our other two children. Thank you to everyone at Alphabet Playhouse”~ Steve Repasky,

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