Best in Literature-based Curriculum

Raising heroes who care deeply for their world and beyond!

Harnessing the power of stories, children are equipped with the
right competencies to take them beyond their early years

Picturebooks are essential in supporting cognitive and language development in the early years. They help children construct thought processes, hone essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking, which they will carry through to adulthood. At Star Learners, a curated selection of award-winning children’s stories immerses every child in rich and exciting worlds, opening up a multitude of perspectives and providing ample opportunities for little ones to tackle concepts in multiple learning areas.

Star Learners’ belief to raise a generation of heroes who care for their world and beyond through its literature-based approach has impressed our BOTB assessment panel. As such, it is with pride that we award Star Learners with “Best in Literature-based Curriculum” for this year’s BOTB awards!

Testament of Quality and Service: ECDA appointed Partner Operator with the most number of centers

With 42 centers island-wide and over 3500 children under their care, Star Learners is an appointed partner under the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s Partner Operator scheme in Singapore. Under this scheme, the trusted child care brand is committed to affordable and quality child care services for Singaporean children.

Providing the best of care to little ones, from as young as 2 months to that of 6 years old, is a team of over 550 dedicated early childhood professionals who bring with them a rich blend of experience and qualifications.

Star Learners’ Holistic Approach: Designed to bring out the best in every child

Harnessing the power of stories, the preschool’s literature-based curriculum is thoughtfully curated from children’s literature around the globe. The world of stories is then expanded to activities for the children to apply the read-about concepts into real-life scenarios. From discovering numeracy concepts in stories to exploring story settings in the great outdoors, children pick up key competencies as they play with purpose.

Through its proprietary character-building programme, Stanley Starfish™, children are introduced to important character traits through stories and authentic contexts. They learn values and are provided opportunities to act and lead with kindness and empathy.

An array of complementary programmes are available to further develop the whole child. These include Write a Rainbow™, designed for young blooming writers; 乐中学,施中学, which aims to cultivate children’s love and appreciation of the Chinese language and Ready Steady Go Kids (RSGK), Australia’s most reputable multi-sport exercise programme. RSGK introduces sporting activities to children in a fun, social and non-competitive environment and seeks to enhance their gross and fine motor skills.

Star Learners also offers a slew of optional enrichment programmes such as Speech and Drama, Music, Art, Aikido and Robotics, exposing children to rich learning environments where they can discover and hone their interests.

The result? Little ones blossom in all facets of their development into Happy learners, Empathic thinkers, Respectful, confident communicators and Open collaborators – the very profile of a Star Learners Hero!

Heartwarming Testimonies
Inspiring heroes is at the core of what they do. Guided by this mission, the exceptional staff at Star Learners are driven to make the preschool the preferred choice for parents – and it shows. In a recent parent engagement survey, 1 in 2 Star Learners parents rated the preschool 10 out of 10, a clear show of trust and confidence!

“I have received comments that my daughter, at the age of 4, is by far more developed and rounded in her speech and language articulation, when compared to her peers. Her ability to digest information and process thoughts is also better. I thank the teachers and guidance of the Principal at the center, and would strongly recommend Star Learners @ Choa Chu Kang Sports to anyone and everyone I come across. I truly appreciate all of you.” ~Roy A. Mohan, Happy parent of a Star Learner.

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