Best in Holistic Education

Best in Holistic Education

Lumiere Montessori House’s holistic approach cultivates the passion for life-long learning, strengthens character building, and illuminate pathways for your little one to be a “Light to the World”

As a parent in Singapore, it is hard to not get caught up in the local education system, with its’ relentless drive to seek academic excellence. However, we also know that the early years are formative for our little ones’ overall development and is fertile ground to nurture their interests and potential.

As a 3-time winner of Parents World BOTB awards, Lumiere Montessori House is renowned for its well-rounded curriculum, child-centric pedagogy and holistic approach; in which they pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social and emotional wellbeing, as well as cognitive aspects of learning

Engaging and Broad Curriculum
Located in a landed enclave, Lumiere Montessori House’s bungalow-like setting, offers a lush, welcoming and familiar atmosphere for your little one. Take a peek into their Montessori classrooms or dedicated playground and you will invariably see happy and busy children working and playing purposefully!

As an ECDA approved Preschool, it offers 3-hour and 6-hour programs catering from 18 months to 6 years old. In line with the Montessori Method, the Preschool’s engaging and broad curriculum allows learning to happen naturally through child-directed pace and interests. This intentional approach cultivates the passion for life-long learning, strengthens character building, and illuminate pathways for your little one’s pursuit of knowledge and also nourishes his/her knowledge of self and sense of community. The small teacher-to-student ratio also ensures that each child gets personalised attention in class.

Furthermore, there’s a wide menu of enrichment courses; in Art & Craft, Aikido, English Speech and Drama and robotics/coding. Along with practical life skills, the Preschool’s holistic curriculum allows the children to develop a wide range of skills in fun and age-appropriate ways!

Illuminating Pathways for Your Little One to be a “Light to the World”
Inclusive in their enrolment, with every effort made to accommodate children with different behavioural or learning needs, the school’s motto is that every child can be a “Light to the World”. The exceptional leadership and teachers at Lumiere Montessori House purposefully invest in the little ones under their care; in character development, academic rigor, experiential learning and self-awareness. It is this nurture of self-awareness; that each child has his/her own unique strengths and innate value, and who can contribute positively to society, country and the world, that helps bring the Preschool’s motto into fruition!

Parent Testimonies
Testimonies from parents over the years illustrates the fruitful efforts made by the Preschool to form close communication and relationship bonds with parents, and to cultivate the sense of belonging for their students; so that all may treat Lumiere Montessori House as their second home.

In recognition for its exceptional care, quality education in a warm and supportive environment, Lumiere Montessori House is this year’s BOTB “Best in Holistic Education”!

“We have been with Lumiere for 5 years now. We are impressed by the school’s cozy settings, commitment to age-appropriate, Montessori-based pedagogy as well as caring teachers whom our children love and respect. Over the years, the school has become a safe, nurturing environment in which our children have grown to become independent and condent little girls who are passionate about learning.”

~ Happy Parents of Lumiere Montessori House students
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Location: 64 Wolskel Road, Singapore 357971
Tel: 6283 9290 / 9234 3324

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