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Parenting in the digital age is made easy with ChildFirst’s Future-ready curriculum

In today’s digital age, technology experts say that learning to code is as essential as learning to read and write. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and knowing coding, robotics and virtual reality (VR) are just some of the skills that will better prepare your child for the careers of the future. This enables them to master AI instead of being replaced by AI.

At ChildFirst Pre-school, they take a step further in ensuring that your little one develops holistically with other types of soft-skills and intelligences, for instance; Emotional Quotient (EQ), Morals, Common Sense, Judgement, Leadership and Creativity, traits that make up Human Intelligence (HI). And by embedding Multiple Intelligences (MI) domains in its curriculum, ChildFirst encourages your child to explore and find his or her own niche, develop it, and gain confidence to excel in Life.

With its iUnique curriculum and trilingual environment, whereby English, Chinese and Coding language are all equally emphasized, ChildFirst has been featured on CNN International, Channel News Asia and Channel 8, and is this year’s winner of “Best Trilingual Pre-School”!

ChildFirst’s Education stands out from other cookie-cutter early education institutions because of its emphasis in the trifecta of intelligences; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Intelligence (HI) and Multiple Intelligence (MI).

Besides cultivating savviness about AI, the pre-school supports your little one’s development of early literacy, phonics and numeracy skills in an integrated approach, while also cultivating your child’s social, emotional, physical and creative skills through child-led play and open-ended exploration. Those Human Intelligence skills are key. Understanding how others think and communicate will give children the tools to work well with a diverse range of personality types and navigate their future careers. And by referencing the Multiple Intelligence pedagogy, the pre-school’s Personality Profiling Curriculum helps your little one embrace his or her own unique personality and learn strategies to cope with difficult situations.

As such, the trifecta of Intelligences allow children hone their creativity and logic, and develop problem-solving skills, breaking larger problems down into smaller, achievable steps and prime them for academic, societal and future successes in an ever evolving environment.

Trilingual Emphasis: English, Chinese and Coding

Alongside English literacy and creative writing, the pre-school offers Chinese immersion, utilizing an in-house-developed toolbox of Chinese Rapid Word Recognition System, “Rhyme and Stories” and Chinese Readers story books to develop your child’s fluency, appreciation and a strong foundation in the language. However, it is the pre-school’s integration of coding language into its main curriculum, rather than as an ancillary subject, is what makes ChildFirst unique in Singapore. The coding programme cultivates fluency in the language through age-appropriate activities. In the initial years, the teaching is “unplugged”, that is without the use of screens, and children learn to make sense of sequencing through various hands-on activities. As they progress to kindergarten level, the children are able to apply this acquired knowledge to do coding, build algorithms and program robots. In the process, children learn computational skills, problem-solving and logical reasoning.

Fun, Sensory Stimulating Environment

As brain development is enhanced by visual and sensory stimulation of the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch; as well as experiences involving movement, balance and body awareness, all ChildFirst Pre-schools are equipped with fun-themed Speech & Drama Rooms, Indoor Playgrounds, Robotics workshops, CyberZoos and bright infographics in the hallways. Afterall, the more stimulation your child receives in the early years, the more neural pathways and connections are established.

Glowing parent testimonies abound as parents value ChildFirst’s strong ethos in child-centric pedagogy, future-ready curriculum and trilingual fluency

“ChildFirst has provided my child with a safe and loving learning haven, just like his second home, and over the years nurtured and developed his confidence, independence, discipline, cheerful disposition and passion for learning. My husband and I can’t thank you all enough and we’re just glad we chose to have Joshua spend his preschool years in ChildFirst.”
– Mother of a ChildFirst Pre-school Alumni

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ChildFirst @ King Albert Park
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ChildFirst @ Mountbatten
229 Mountbatten Road #01-32
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ChildFirst @ Tampines
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