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A TRUE Childhood Experience

Discover your child’s potential through a wide variety of fun-filled hands-on, outdoor, experiential and art activities at Kinderstori SchoolHouse

Right in front of Kinderstori SchoolHouse, there is a huge garden where the children spend a lot of time outdoors digging, planting, harvesting; Think farm-to-table gardening and cookery sessions! The classroom has a relaxed and homely ambience, and is well-organised with a wide array of accessible and curiosity-sparking materials; A large common space where the kids will learn, play and laugh together. Nested within an original and exclusive Art School in Tampines, Kinderstori is an award-winning authentic Reggio-Emilia schoolhouse which provides a holistic learning curriculum to kids below 4 years old

Kinderstori SchoolHouse offers three programs: Baby & Toddler Sensory Class (crawling babies and kids up to 3 years old), Nursery Program (18 months to 3 years old) and Pre-Kindergarten Program (3 to 4 years old). Baby & Toddler Sensory Class is a 45-minute program designed for curious babies and active toddlers with art exploration, songs and yoga. While Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten are 3-hour programs that provide kids with a variety of learning experiences. With Reggio-Emilia inspired approach, the curriculum topics are catered based on the children’s authentic interests as well as quality interaction with children and their families. Each day, the teachers start the classes with a morning discussion with the children where they talk about their interests, observations and inquiries which they hope to solve together as a group. During this process, not only decision making and problem-solving skills are in practice, but it also cultivates confidence, responsibility and being respectful in the heart of the little learners.

In this premium art school, children have plenty of opportunities to explore art and creativity. Besides engaging in art and craft activities in the classroom, they also work at the Atelier together with the in-house art educators to create art projects with a wide range of natural materials. During the process, the teachers will “listen” to the children while injecting fundamental yet sophisticated art elements into their various projects throughout the year. Besides that, fun-filled activities like print, drama, music, puppetry and movement further enrich their childhood experiences in the school.

To raise the children who are cheerful and condent, mindfulness activities are adopted to teach the children to accept their emotions and experiences at the moment, without critical or negative judgment. The children are also engaging in weekly yoga sessions conducted by certified children yoga instructors that offer both physical and physiological benets. In addition, there will be a supplemented learning program each day which covers English Phonics, Chinese and creative mixed medium art.

With a caring, welcoming and safe environment in Kinderstori SchoolHouse, all the children feel loved, respected and cheerful, and are well equipped with the tools they need for future happiness and success. Kinderstori SchoolHouse is an ideal choice for your little one if you are looking for a preschool that emphasises art exploration and character building coupled with the STEAM learning approach. Call or email them to schedule your personal tour.

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Tampines Mart
11 Tampines Street 32 #02-01
Singapore 529287
Tel:8556 9451