Best in STEAM Curriculum

Nurturing tomorrow’s generation to innovate, ideate and face future challenges with confidence

“Open Future Doors” of opportunities for your child with Cambridge Pre-School’s award-winning iSTEAM curriculum, strong emphasis on bilingualism and multiple intelligence pedagogy.

It is a well-known fact that a child’s brain develops the most from birth till seven years old. The early years are when the brain is at its most flexible and receptive, and an opportune time to engage your child in meaningful learning experiences, which would go a long way in developing your little one’s full potential.

As such, picking up iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in an integrated, interdisciplinary manner in pre-school, can help nurture in your little one a life-long love of learning, and the ability to innovate, problem-solve and think creatively. Such a curriculum also fosters uniquely human skills like emotional intelligence and common sense, which are traits that can give your little one an edge in the future, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to dominate the future of work.

As a pioneer of iSTEAM education in Singapore, Cambridge Pre-school bears testimony to 30 years of experience in pre-school education, technology and business. It’s vision to “Open Future Doors” of opportunities for your child via a curriculum to develop skills in fun and age-appropriate ways, have continued to impress our panel. As such, we are pleased to award Cambridge Pre-school the “Best in STEAM Curriculum” for the third year running!

Seamless integration of iSTEAM in all grades

With 9 convenient locations in Singapore, Cambridge Pre-school is renowned for its iSTEAM curriculum, unique iSTEAM playground, and team of dedicated educare teachers. For toddlers through to Nursery 2 grades, the iSTEAM activities are seamlessly woven into daily experiences, with developmentally appropriate hands-on activities. Your little one will be immersed in the philosophy of “thinking with hands”, which promotes hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration of diverse topics to foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. In Kindergarten grades, bigger projects that require higher cognitive skills are introduced; such as extracting DNA, coding and robotics, building circuits and creating chemical reactions so that your little one can hone his or her skills in investigating, innovating, testing out ideas and sharing discoveries with teachers and peers.

In select locations where infant care is offered, Cambridge Pre-school’s infant care is noted for its sensory-rich space, purposeful play programme, nutritious meal plans and weekly infant massage by trained and certified educare teachers to care for and support your child’s developmental milestones.

Cultivating a Strong Academic Foundation with Learning Beyond the Classroom

Alongside iSTEAM activities and curriculum, Cambridge Pre-school ensures its children are armed with the necessary literacy skills, numeracy and knowledge required to make a smooth transition to Primary Schools, which are typically more academically structured. The Pre-school’s dual language emphasis in both the English and Chinese languages and literacy-rich environment, provides children with experiences to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing into their everyday activities, and to cultivate an appreciation of Chinese culture

Learning and skills acquisition beyond the classroom are also encouraged. Adventure-filled field trips are conducted to encourage your child to connect classroom lessons with real world happenings. Furthermore, select branches offer a range of complementary enrichment classes; from Japanese culture classes to junior soccer, designed to enhance your little one’s appreciation of cultural diversity, motor skills and coordination, as well as to increase his or her knowledge of cutting-edge technology.

Multiple Intelligence Pedagogy: Nurturing Unique Talents and

While it is important for children to develop a strong academic foundation and critical thinking, the nurture of your little one’s multiple intelligence and unique talents would give your child a competitive edge, especially in the future. Besides, knowing that he or she is good in something is a great confidence booster and being condent will benefit other areas of your little one’s life. At Cambridge Pre-school, specific activities are conducted to exercise the eight intelligences as espoused by Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, to strengthen your child’s dominant intelligences whilst enhancing his/her less-dominant ones to awaken them.

Through its award-winning iSTEAM curriculum, academic nurturing and all-rounded enrichment programs, Cambridge Pre-school continues to nurture tomorrow’s generation to innovate, ideate creative solutions, and face future changes and challenges with confidence.

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