Top 5 Eco-Loving Brands 2022

Top 5 Eco-Loving
Brands 2022

A conscious effort, such as choosing organic skincare, eco-friendly diapers or all-natural homecare products, can have a positive impact on your little one, household and the environment!

As Mamas and Papas, we are always striving to give the best to our little ones, and that means being on a constant lookout for products that are safe and good in every way. As such, we at Parents World did the heavy lifting and systematically sieved through the burgeoning marketplace, so you don’t have to! Here are our top 5 picks for wholesome skincare, oral care and homecare; brands that you can feel good using on your little one, as well as feel good about supporting!

Pigeon: Natural Botanical Baby skincare series

With the tagline ”From Earth, With Love”, the Natural Botanical Baby skincare series represents Pigeon’s commitment to providing high-quality products that improve the quality of life while caring for the environment. The skincare series contains more than 90% natural origin; made primarily from nutrient-rich natural ingredients like argan oil, olive oil and chamomile, all of which possess important qualities that support the development of strong, smooth and healthy skin.

Pigeon has also gone the extra mile to protect nature by collaborating with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Singapore), in which Pigeon has planted 5,000 fruit tree seedlings to support reforestation efforts in Indonesia; to mitigate soil erosion and offer watershed protection. The fruit trees would eventually also create sustainable food and livelihood resource for the local communities. A win for Mother Nature, local communities and Pigeon!

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Offspring: Eco-friendly Diapering Essentials, Organic Baby Bath & Skin Care, and Homecare Range

Well-loved and trusted by parents around the world, Offspring is known for their eco-friendly diapers, biodegradable baby wipes and household products. Every decision- starting from botanical-forward formulations, all the way down to their sustainable packaging materials– is birthed out of a genuine desire to offer the safest and cleanest products without sacrificing health or the environment.

Check out Offspring’s Award-winning, chlorine-free ultra-soft diapers with skin-safe designer prints providing comfort with long-lasting protection and breathability, and their plant-based Baby Wipes which are fragrance-free, ultra-soft, 100% biodegradable, and polyester-free.

Moreover, their Baby Bath & Skin Care range is certified organic and is suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin. Their homecare products such as Baby Dish Wash, Baby Laundry Wash and Fruit & Veggie Spray are effective, hypo-allergenic and gentle on your skin and on Mother Nature!

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Twinkle: Baby Care Line

Twinkle is a range of natural and organic skin, hair and baby care essentials, that are made for your little one’s daily use. Proudly made in Singapore, its range of baby care products are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients to protect, soothe and moisturize young tender skin.

Twinkle’s Baby Care products are made from all-natural ingredients; such as organic Shea Butter that support the skin’s natural collagen production to soften and strengthen the skin while preventing dryness; organic pure beeswax that is anti-bacterial, which provides a protective barrier for the skin without clogging pores. And organic calendula oil, whose anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe sore and itchy skin, making it effective in relieving diaper rash and eczema. Best of all, these products are free of all nasties; their products are Paraben free, hypo-allergenic, with no animal derivatives!
Twinkle’s best sellers are products include Herbal Multi Purpose Balm, Multi Purpose oil, and Anti-dust mite room/linen spray, as well as hair and body wash, 3-in-1 mist protector and sanitizers.

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Aromatic Global: Plant-based Tooth Paste

A plant-based toothpaste that is specially designed for children’s mouths with mixed baby and adult teeth, and delicate gums, Aromatic Global’s high quality formula is fluoride free and without artificial abrasives. This product combines herbal leaves and Arak Sewak (African Toothbrush Tree) extracts containing natural antiseptic traits to create a pleasing taste.

Suitable for 2-7 years olds, AG toothpaste for kids is an excellent starter toothpaste for kids, to kick start your little one’s oral health and pearly whites!

Huggies: Platinum Naturemade Diaper & Pants

Huggies Platinum Naturemade Diapers & Pants are created with carefully selected natural ingredients to leverage the Goodness of Nature in caring for baby’s delicate skin. Naturemade diaper liner contains plant-based materials and sustainably sourced – 100% European imported natural fibre and contains no harmful chemicals.

In addition, Huggies’ diaper bag and box are recycle-ready, and can be recycled with the relevant recycle system. With a mission to leave the planet a better place for the next generations of babies to thrive, Huggies mills have reduced 15% CO2, equals to 3,500 fewer cars on the road in the last 4 years!