Best Quality Preschool Curriculum

Joyful Smiles. Euphoric Learners.

A Joyful and Successful Child is the main priority that guides ALL of
Red SchoolHouse’s Actions and Activities

Established in 2004, Red SchoolHouse provides a premium local speciality crafted curriculum including LQ (Learning Quotient) for Life Programmes to nurture joyful, confident and resilient children. Being one of the forerunners of quality preschool education in Singapore, RSH has been awarded Parents World’s Best Quality Preschool Curriculum for the 8th year running!

Red SchoolHouse’s award-winning holistic curriculum develops your child holistically through the 6 learning domains. The LQ for Life Programmes include: Art Therapy Based, Character for Life, Health for Life, Mindfulness for Life, Mastermind for Life and Knowledge Building Innovation. Spearheaded by their Founder, Rachel Goh, the curriculum is a collaboration between a pool of local educators as well as seasoned early childhood lecturers from various educational institutes in Singapore.

The classrooms are thoughtfully designed and arranged for children to learn best in conducive learning environments with a wide variety of specially-designed teaching and learning materials. Children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their metacognition, as well as open-ended and higher logic reasoning from Nursery to Kindergarten levels. Aside from academic programmes, life skills are important too, the children are exposed to activities such as cooking and baking classes, gardening and charity projects.

The twice a year overnight camps for K1s and K2s are always a success with the children and parents alike. Enrichment activities such as Ballet, Hip-Hop, Music and Sports are also available. These interesting and fun activities enrich and nurture independence, perseverance and kindness in their hearts.

Red SchoolHouse’s Mission is to be a home filled with love for all. A joyful and successful child is the main priority that guides all of Red SchoolHouse’s actions and activities. The essence of the environment should be similar as compared to the child’s own home, where the child will feel secured. This compliments their school Philosophy: “Settling the Heart, Defining your Child.” When children feel nurtured, loved and cherished, they blossom to their full potential and flourish to become successful learners for life!

Red SchoolHouse proactively creates opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s learning as it’s crucial to early development. They forge strong partnerships with the parents and work together to support the children’s growth.

With a team of dedicated educators and a well-balanced curriculum, the main goal of the children’s time at Red SchoolHouse is to nurture them into joyful and successful children while preparing them for formal education.

At Red SchoolHouse, the children love what they learn and learn what they love!

Branch Locations:

RSH @ Upper Thomson
34 Sin Ming Lane Midview City
Singapore 573955
T: 6353 3200

RSH @ Toh Tuck
19 Toh Tuck Drive Singapore 596883
T: 6463 9240

RSH @ Woodlands
11 Woodlands Close Woodlands 1
#01-29/30/31 Singapore 737853
T: 6334 7680

RSH @ Woodleigh
48 Woodleigh Park PUB Recreation Centre
Singapore 357844
M: 8808 8048