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Make your parenting journey a breeze with these award-winning baby & kid care products and services for 2022!





Colief Infant Drops

What it Offers: All-natural tummy-soothing infant drops to soothe away symptoms of colic

Trusted by moms and recommended by healthcare professionals, the all-natural and scientifically formulated Colief Infant Drops has been indispensable health aid to parents for over 20 years! Studies show that reducing gas can reduce discomfort. Colief Infant Drops contains lactase, a naturally occurring enzyme produced in the small intestine, which helps to break down lactose into simpler sugars, glucose and galactose, making it easier for your little one to digest the lactose in their feeds and reduce incidents of air bubbles trapped in the tummy.

In fact, it’s the only lactase enzyme product supported by clinical studies. That’s why Colief Infant Drops is the most commonly prescribed treatment for colicky symptoms in the U.K

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What it Offers: Innovative and easy-to-use baby medical devices

Lollababy is a local trusted brand with high quality, innovative and well-designed baby medical devices including Nasal Aspirator, Infrared In-Ear thermometer and Battery-Operated Portable Micromesh Nebulizer. Lollababy Nasal Aspirator is specially designed to help your baby to get fast relief from stuffy noses. Of medical-grade quality, it is gentle yet still powerful enough to clear all of your child’s mucus, boogers and snot out quickly and with minimum fuss. Lollababy Infrared In-Ear Thermometer provides quick, one-second ear measurement and is well-designed for the whole family including newborns. It has a large LCD screen and a LED backlight makes measurements easy to read as well. In addition, Lollababy Battery-Operated Portable Micromesh Nebulizer is carefully designed for effective medication delivery in the form of a very fine mist inhaled into the lungs, helping to treat asthma and other respiratory disorder effectively.

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