Inno Montessori is having Open House this month!

Open House Alert: Celebrate with Inno Montessori. 

Celebrate with Inno Montessori at their East Gate@Katong and Kembangan Children Community Centers’ Open House this month!

If you have been searching for quality programs for your child, Montessori curricula and its benefits would most likely be on your radar. Renowned for individual-paced learning and fostering independence, the Montessori Method supports the development of your child’s self-confidence and critical thinking, while fostering intellectual, social growth and the joy in lifelong learning. 

In Singapore, Inno Montessori is the only school accredited as a full international member by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).  From 25 April to 06 May 2022, join Inno Montessori’s Open House at EastGate@Katong or Kembagan to find out how it provides your little one with an authentic Montessori education. 

Open House: Learn About Inno Montessori’s authentic Montessori Approach

Both Inno Montessori’s new Children Community Centres in East Gate@Katong and Kembangan caters from Preschool age (3 to 6 year old) to children well into their Elementary years (6 to 9 years and 9 to 12 years). Offering a range of half day, full day and after-school programs, Inno Montessori ensures continuity and consistency of an authentic Montessori environment for their students. By bridging the Pre-schoolers safely into their Primary school years, the close community and exceptional teaching staff at Inno Montessori are there to support your little one to positively face challenges that inevitably arise as he or she transits through those stages. Moreover, the mixed-age group setting also lends a positive factor in contributing to your little one’s social and emotional development.

Get an Insight into the Curriculum: Creating independent, self-motivated and happy learners

At the Open House, learn about Inno Montessori’s curriculum; which spans across academic subjects such as English and Chinese language, Mathematics, and Life Sciences, to the appreciation of literary arts such as Music, Art and Speech and Drama. Bilingual immersion classes are led by native-speaking English and Chinese teachers, who are accredited by one of the major Montessori organizations (AMI or AMS). Practical life skills in self-care, cooking and care for the Environment are also emphasized, and options to pick up enriching hobbies in Chinese chess (Wei Qi), ukulele and piano are also available! While providing children with academic knowledge is a given, Inno Montessori’s engaging and broad curriculum allows learning to happen naturally through child-directed pace and interests. The result? Happy and independent life-long learners!

Open House Exclusive Offer

From 25 April to 06 May 2022, Inno Montessori is offering exclusive deals at its new East Gate@Katong and Kembagan Child Community Centers! The first 10 enrolments can score 20% off monthly fees for 12 months, and the subsequent 11 -20th enrolments can enjoy 10% off monthly fees for 12 months! So do sign up for a school tour, and save up to $2800 upon successful enrollment!

Tour the School: Sneak Peek into Student Life

Explore the grounds at either of the new Child Community Centers in East Gate@Katong and Kembagan. During the tour, you will see the classrooms in operation, get an insight to student life and appreciation of the Montessori approach. 

Dr. Montessori posited that children needed a world at their eye level, comprised of an environment full of order and beauty. In line with this pedagogy, Inno Montessori’s environment is one that utilizes natural materials, and with furniture scaled to fit the children’s comfort and reach. The school’s purpose-designed classrooms encourage the sense of ownership and independence—one where the children can reach and move everything within their purview and where no obstacles hinder their ability to make their own choices. Get an insight into the benefits of a “Prepared Environment”, in which the order and sequence of activities are designed to give assurance to the children, so that they may focus and take joy in their work and learning. 

Due to prevailing permissible group size, school tours are limited to 10 pax per visit. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to bring your child along, so that he or she may also get a feel of student life there. Should you have further questions, the center’s highly knowledgeable teaching staff, or directress, would be more than happy to answer them all. 

Don’t forget to read up on questions that you can ask while at Open House in preparation for your visit! 

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