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Make your breastfeeding journey a breeze with HDI Origins Royale Jelly

Breast milk is a gift that lasts a lifetime! It provides the perfect nutrition for the baby with all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion and is easily digested and absorbed in the body for healthy growth. In addition, natural antibodies found in the mother’s milk can protect the child from illness and infection too! In order to maintain a healthy milk supply for little precious ones, mothers are encouraged to eat well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Taking the right supplement is important too! *HDI Origins Royale Jelly is a high-quality and natural supplement that helps to support your overall well-being and improve lactation.

Popular among breastfeeding mums, the award-winning HDI Origins Royale Jelly can be your best companion on your breastfeeding journey. HDI Origins Royale Jelly contains pure liquid royal jelly mixed with pure honey which acts as a natural preservative. In fact, royal jelly is a natural secretion from the bees to feed the queens and it is also the main reason for the longevity of the queen bee, while honey is made by bees from nectar and is consumed by all other bees.

Both royal Jelly and honey are the powerhouse of nutrients, including Protein, Amino acids, Vitamin Bs (B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin and Folic acid) and minerals (Potassium, Sodium Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Manganese), making it a perfect health supplement for nursing mothers who have higher nutritional needs.

Royal jelly and honey are also rich in a wide range of enzymes that aid your digestion. For mothers who have a low milk supply, HDI Origins Royale Jelly is your savior too! Studies have shown that royal Jelly not only promotes higher milk protein, fats, total antioxidant capacity in breast milk, it also improves your total milk supply throughout the day. To top it off, HDI Origins Royale Jelly is also a superfood for glowing skin! Thanks to the unique nutrients found in royal jelly, it helps to restore skin suppleness, vitality and hydration by increasing collagen production in the skin; fight the visible signs of aging such as wrinkle and pigmentation. HDI Origins Royale Jelly is also known for other health benets, including slowing down the aging process, supporting healthy joints, muscle, bones, and memory function as well as the reproductive and immune system.

HDI is a premium, trusted brand with effective, high quality and beautifully designed bee-based products. HDI’s Liquid Royale Jelly is a safe natural supplement to support you as you strive to provide the best for your growing baby.

*This product may not be suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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