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Flavor Boost Your Confinement!

Planned by a dietitian, prepared by a chef and backed by years of confinement cuisine knowledge, Award-winning Tian Wei Signature fusions traditional wisdom with contemporary cooking styles to satisfy all palates

Confinement practices are deeply rooted in our Asian culture; especially that pertaining to food and drink. While different cultures have differing lists of approved or avoidance foods, the common thread is that meals consumed during confinement period are to replenish mom’s nutrition reserves, and to boost the quality of her breastmilk for her little one.

The importance of providing well-balanced postpartum nutrition is the core mission of Tian Wei Signature, which takes a step further by having their in-house dietitian craft the meal plans to maximize their benefits for mom’s well-being, as well as having their head chef create the recipes to excite her taste buds.   

Providing consistent quality and service, Tian Wei Signature has been a stalwart in our Best of The Best (BOTB) Awards for half a decade, and is this year’s BOTBwinner of “Best in Fusion Confinement Food”!

Convenient Creative Confinement Cuisine

There are many concerns that women have with regards to confinement food, the frequent gripes being; the repetitive dishes, lack of time and insufficient knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) to confidently prepare confinement meals. Tian Wei Signature is the solution to all those problems!

With almost 100 dishes, 44 nourishing soups and 17 refreshing desserts, spread across traditional and fusion menus, Tian Wei Signature offers something for every palate and delivers them right to your doorstep! And with a variety of package durations and options to add-on, you can tailor your package just the way you want it. Craving something sweet, why not add-on birds nest desserts into your package? Your partner sneaking a bite or two of your meals? Add an extra bento for him!

Reap Benefits From Traditional Confinement Nourishment, Yet Satisfy Your Modern Taste Buds

Understanding that the confinement diet not only nourishes mom’s body physically, and may also benefit her emotional well-being, Tian Wei Signature’s team of experts incorporate nutritious ingredients into their dishes to accelerate wound recovery, and improve breast milk supply and nutritional content of breast milk, so that you can have the best nutrition and experience during your postpartum recovery.

Its popular classics include Sesame Braised Chicken, which is traditionally believed to improve blood circulation, dispel wind and build up strength, and Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar which contains essential nutrients to keep you energized to support your nerve, muscle, and heart function and help support a good immune system. In the fusion menu, to keep mealtimes exciting, Tian Wei Signature broadens its repertoire from the 3rdweek onwards to include international cuisine. Try Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin, which contains essential nutrients to promote postpartum wound healing and help you build healthy red blood cells, and its delectable Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream and Tri Colored Grains, rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, goodness for your breastmilk and baby!

Don’t waste your time on boring and repetitive food during your postpartum. Afterall, a happy belly will make a happy mommy!

“This is my 2nd confinement. I never knew that confinement meals can be so satisfying and flavorful! My parents also impressed by the variety food/cooking styles. Other than traditional red date drink and unique nourishing soup that came with every meal, I added the green papaya fish soup, lactation bakes and bird-nest. The most important is the Tian Wei’s confinement meals are breastfeeding friendly.” ~ Xue Hui, a happy Tian Wei Signature review

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