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Restorative Therapies To Ease Those Aches And Pains Away.

Let the healing hands of PNSG massage therapists relieve pregnancy discomforts, speed up postnatal recovery and recovery of your pre-pregnant figure!

Frankly, motherhood is not always all sunshine and rainbows. Due to physical and hormonal changes, pregnant mothers often experience body aches, leg cramps, and lower back pains, which may compromise their sleep quality and emotional well-being. After childbirth,post-surgery swellings, water retention, clogged milk ducts, and fatigue are also common complaints.

Thankfully, mothers are able to reach out to Postnatal Massage Singapore (PNSG) for comfort. PNSG is a trusted name in Singapore for mothers seeking therapies to soothe, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Experts in prenatal and postnatal massage therapies, PNSG massage therapists are both professionally trained and certified. It is little wonder that PNSGhas garnered a strong client base and numerous awards, including Parents World’s “Best in Postnatal Massage Services” for the 4thconsecutive year! Self-Care Without Stress and Hassle.

Curated from a comprehensive list of authentic Javanese techniques, PNSG offers prenatal, postnatal, premium postnatal, as well as slimming and relaxation therapies. Their flexible massage packages ranges from 1 to 5 sessions for their prenatal therapy and 5 to 10 sessions for their postnatal and premium postnatal therapies. By offering well-thought-out massage packages, using genuine and high-quality products(e.g., ginger lotion, tapel and pilis creams, etc.), and performing in-home therapies, PNSGtakes away the hassle of you having to prepare confinement herbal remedies, travel, or rush for massage appointments elsewhere.

Healing Touch to Ease Pregnancy Pains

The benefits of prenatal massages are many, ranging from improving blood circulation to alleviating nerve pain (leg cramps and lower back pain are common grievances) to assisting in the promotion of both relaxation hormones and a sense of calmness. However, it is crucial that professional prenatal masseurs are engaged, as they are knowledgeable on which parts of the body are more sensitive and should be avoided during a prenatal massage. That being said, with PNSG’s certified massage therapists, you can rest assured that you are in safe and expert hands!

Rejuvenating and Pampering Treatments for your Postnatal Recovery and Beyond

In PNSG’s highly sought-after postnatal massage package, the techniques used to speed up womb recovery, expel wind and improve lactation have been very much lauded. Typically, postnatal massage, thermal wraps, and belly binding sessions are done on consecutive days to reap the best benefits. PNSG, however, takes a step further by systematically organising the type of massages (postnatal, slimming, and relaxation) within their comprehensive postnatal massage package in order for you to fully enjoy their rejuvenating properties.

In addition, PNSG’s postnatal massage package includes a complimentary baby massage oil and tutorial – a fun activity for you to do with your little one to build deeper bonds and promote calmness in your little one. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Beyond postnatal therapy, PNSG’s slimming and relaxation massage package caters to mothers at all stages of motherhood, from those who need help regaining their pre-pregnancy figure to those who want to improve skin radiance and ease tensions related to childminding fatigue.

“ Yasini is my masseuse. She is amazing! She is very punctual on every session. She observed good professional ethics and would pass down good knowledge about post partum care. She has helped me to clear clogged milk ducts several times and always share me tips and advice on how to prevent them. She also made sure to check in with me about my comfort level while she was tying the binder and slowly increasing the tightness everyday. I feel so relaxed after every session. Highly recommended. Thank you!”
– Yana Yusof, PNSG’s happy client

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