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Keep up with your growing baby’s nutritional needs,with ReLacto’s dietitian-guided lactation meal plans!

While mothers know that breastfeeding gives their babies the best start in life, legions of them find it difficult – if not downright impossible – to do so for a long time. Reasons range from having a limited breast milk supply to being strapped for time. This is especially true after the confinement period when help dwindles, and you are left alone to do all the heavy lifting for your little one and household! As a result, it becomes easier to simply let your self-care and nutrition slide, which may impede your postpartum recovery and breast milk supply.

This is where ReLacto can help! Awarded “Best Lactation-Boosting Meals” by our panel, you can now stay on top of your and your little one’s nutrition with ReLacto’s extensive menu of nutritious dishes – specially created to boost lactation so that you can keep up with your growing baby’s nutritional needs.

Nourishing Well-Balanced Meal Plans at the Click of a Button

Understanding that most women have the desire to nurse their little ones for as long as they need or want to but face practical and logistical challenges, ReLacto offers packages to ease the burden of having to think, plan, shop, and prepare for your daily meals and drinks. Their in-house dietitian curates the lactation meal plan with a baby’s and mother’s postpartum well-being and nutrition in mind, while their head chef expertly creates the wholesome and flavourful dishes.

You will be spoilt for choice with their menu of over 100 dishes, which includes 51 types of soups, 31 types of grains, and more! All meal sets come with a soup and beverage as hydration is essential for nursing moms.

At the click of a button, you can choose your preferred meal package, duration, starting date, and even yummy add-ons such as lactation bakes, bird’s nest dessert, and Fenugreek Green Papaya Milky Fish Soup (a perennial favourite for boosting breast milk supply). Ever family-friendly, dads and older siblings are also not left out, as there are additional pax options too so that everyone can enjoy the flavoursome and nutritious dishes together.

Catering to Everyone’s Palate

It must be said that ReLacto’s menu is both extensive and multi-cuisine, which adds variety and interest to keep you excited about mealtimes.

For mothers with a cosmopolitan palate, let your taste buds explore the rich and savoury flavours of the Mediterranean with ReLacto’s Moroccan Chicken Stew dish, as well as Japan, with their Yuzu Honey Chicken dish. For those craving flavours closer to home, enjoy the slow-simmered Hakka Braised Pork with Yam reminiscent of your grandmother’s home cooking, or the Impossible Meat Lemak Rendang and Coconut Flakes for that jolt of spice!

It is little wonder that ReLacto is a constant favourite of mothers when it comes to supporting their nursing journey, both for themselves and their little ones.

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