Best in Treatment of Colic in Babies

Soothe Away Tears And Fears

Trusted by moms and recommended by healthcare professionals, Colief brings relief to your little one with its all-natural tummy-soothing infant drops.

All babies cry. It’s the best (and only) way for them to communicate their needs at this tender age. And as parents, we’re biologically wired to respond to them and their needs. However, if your little one erupts in repeated and prolonged sessions of ear-shattering wails, clenched fists, flailing legs and resists your every effort to soothe him or her, your little one could be suffering from colic; the bane of every parent!
As such, the all-natural and scientifically formulated Colief Infant Drops has been indispensable to parents, with its award-winning formula to tackle colic-inducing lactose sensitivity. A trusted aid for parents for over 20 years, Colief Infant Drops wins “Best Treatment of Colic in Babies” at Parents World Best of the Best Awards!

The Original Lactase Enzyme Infant Drops

Digesting food is a big task for your baby’s brand-new gastrointestinal system. As a result, the lactose in milk may pass through too quickly and not break down completely, resulting in indigestion and gas build up. Studies show that reducing gas can reduce discomfort. Colief Infant Drops contains lactase, a naturally occurring enzyme produced in the small intestine, which helps to break down lactose into simpler sugars, glucose and galactose, making it easier for your little one to digest the lactose in their feeds and reduce incidents of air bubbles trapped in the tummy. In fact, it’s the only lactase enzyme product supported by clinical studies. That’s why Colief Infant Drops is the most commonly prescribed treatment for colicky symptoms in the U.K.

Gentle and all-natural

As a gentle and all-natural health aid, Colief Infant Drops can be added to both breastmilk and formula for newborns and premature babies. Just 4 drops into your baby’s milk can help soothe the symptoms of colic.

The 30-minute wait time when using Colief is very important. The active ingredient in Colief, lactase enzyme, takes around 30 minutes to break down the majority of the lactose in the milk. Some infants may tolerate greater amounts of lactose in the feed, so you could try reducing the waiting time to 15 minutes, especially after the first month of using Colief Infant Drops. If this does not satisfy your baby, a return to 30 minutes is advised.

While sensitivity to lactose tends to be temporary, (easing when your little one’s gastrointestinal system matures, around the 4-month mark), the sense of frustration, exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy you may experience may have lasting negative impacts on your emotional well-being and postpartum recovery. As such, with a little knowledge, a lot of patience and Colief Infant Drops in your cupboard, you can survive those bouts of colic until the storm subsides.

“Colief drops were a godsend. My son started at 5 weeks and it helped right away. His crying cut down considerably!” ~
Nicole Kiss, review from

Colief Infant drops are available in select pediatric clinics, retailers and online.