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For The Best Postpartum Care That Moms And Babies Deserve.

PEM nannies provide all the expertise, guidance and support that new moms need to ease them into their exciting new stage in life!

Moms often experience a great deal of emotional and physical strain as a result of the physical and hormonal changes after birthing and taking care of a newborn. With professional and reliable helping hands from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, new moms can ease into their postpartum journey, and in fact, enjoy it!

With over 25,000 happy moms and counting, PEM’s team of dedicated confinement nannies have been sought after for quality post-natal care in Singapore for over 30 years!

Holistic Care for Moms and Babies

To help you adjust to your postpartum life, PEM nanny will take care of the baby’s every need, including day and night baby care, bathing, feeding and even basic household chores. PEM also understands how important the confinement period is for your postpartum healing, as such offers services that focus on postpartum care and strength building too; from brewing of herbal tonics, preparation of nourishing confinement foods to TCM bath care.

Under PEM nanny’s expert care, you can get more sleep, regain your strength and most importantly, spend more quality time getting to know your new little one!

Experience Counts! Professional and Reliable Helping Hand.

Quality is core to all of PEM’s services, and all nannies have to go through rigorous selection process. Once selected, PEM nannies are trained in-house and have to take expert-approved training modules, frequent assessments and refresher courses to ensure that they are knowledgeable and stay relevant to the best confinement practices.

The training modules not only include newborn care and well-being, but also useful knowledge in jaundice care, choking first-aid and baby poop checks. In addition to mom postpartum nutrition and hygiene, PEM nannies are also trained to help support postpartum emotional well-being and give breastfeeding guidance. And rest assured, PEM nannies would pass along the know-how to you too, on handling and caring for your newborn and yourself, to boost your confidence in continuing infant care after your nannies’ term ends.

In addition to quality training, PEM offers personalized solutions, year-round customer support and 2 free replacements so that you can find your ideal nanny to help you along your confinement journey.


With over three decades of dedicated and quality service, PEM nannies have been featured in numerous publications and have received glowing testimonials from celebrities and couples alike.

Read the testimonials here to find out why PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is ParentsWorld winner for “Best in Confinement Nanny Services” for the 8th year running!

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