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A LingoAce Parent’s Review:

“Last year, I decided to enroll my son Theseus Chua, a P3 student then, for Chinese enrichment classes that were interesting enough to hold his interest (an onerous task, if you ask me!) while being effective in improving his language skills and his grades. After exploring multiple options, I zeroed in on LingoAce a global EdTech platform designed by a local startup in Singapore that promised to do both! 

Theseus attending LingoAce weekly lessons

Theseus started his learning journey with LingoAce in September last year and I am pleased to see the improvement in his written and spoken Chinese within a span of 5 months. He is much more confident in the language now and to my relief, the confidence is translating into better grades!

It is said that children learn faster and better when they enjoy the lessons and like the teacher. And I can see it working for Theseus. Theseus’s teacher Jing Jing is very patient and understanding. Like other LingoAce teachers, she is originally from China and is a native speaker. Her English is good too so she helps my son understand in English when he finds it hard to follow in Mandarin. Here is what Theseus had to say when asked about his LingoAce lessons:

“ My teacher Jing Jing is funny and interacts well with me through the class. With her as teacher, my lessons are never boring. I enjoy my LingoAce Chinese lessons very much.”

Watch how Theseus enjoys his interactive LingoAce lesson here:

No wonder, LingoAce is one enrichment class that my son looks forward to attending every week! Since LingoAce lessons are conducted entirely online over their engaging platform, it saves busy parents like me from the hassle and commute of physical lessons too, especially during the pandemic. The online format also allows me to keep track of his progress.” – Jasmine J Goh, entrepreneur, publisher and happy LingoAce parent.

Decoding LingoAce with Facts!

LingoAce was founded in 2016 by Singaporean parent and entrepreneur, Hugh Yao with the aim of offering Mandarin classes for children that are as engaging as they are enriching. To that end, LingoAce pooled in the expertise of curriculum specialists, creative designers and selected and trained a team of over 4000 certified native- speaking Mandarin teachers to create a learning experience for young children like none other!

With bite-sized, age-appropriate content presented in a gamified platform; LingoAce has been successful in ensuring that children gain mastery over the subject but not without their share of fun!

Over the past few years, LingoAce has widened its reach, catering to a burgeoning worldwide demand for proficiency in Chinese with offices in Singapore, China, United States, Indonesia, Thailand and more to come. Bearing testimony to the success of its teaching pedagogy and format, LingoAce has completed over 2,000,000 classes and boasts of learners across 80+ countries.

 LingoAce offers a range of programs catering to different age and proficiency requirements:

Fun Preschool Program
  • Preschool Program (3-6 years old) – Curated for young learners, the programme seeks to ignite love for the language as well as prepare children for P1. It covers 70% of Chinese characters in P1 MOE syllabus. The online live lessons are kept short at 25 minutes per class to cater to the short attention span of that age group.
  • SG MOE Curriculum (6-12 years old) – The program is tailormade for children studying in local schools, with lessons based on Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Primary School syllabus and the ccourseware designed by an ex-MOE HOD of 10+ years. The program is further divided into the SG Online Program for students of P1 to P4 with lessons conducted live online and the Blended Learning Program for students of P5 and P6 with lessons conducted both online + offline for targeted PSLE preparation. (See illustration below).

LingoAce’s focused and accelerated program for PSLE students is hugely successful with 77% of PSLE-taking learners in 2021 reporting improvement in their grades after just 6 months of learning at LingoAce.

  • Global Curriculum (5-15 years old) – LingoAce’s international curriculum is designed to cater to international students who want to study Chinese as a second/ additional language and is customized to meeting their specific requirements.
  • Skills Enhancement (6-to15-year-old) – Not stopping at the core curriculum, LingoAce also supports focused and advanced curriculum needs of children to promote fluency in the Chinese language. Through an enhanced and engaging methodology. LingoAce meets the needs of children whether it be written or verbal communication, vocabulary proficiency or more. (See illustration below)

LingoAce Learning: A Class Apart

What sets LingoAce apart from other Chinese enrichment schools is that its lessons are not a chore for the child but a reason to enjoy Chinese as a language and a way of life!

LingoAce’s Engaging Platform
Here are reasons that put LingoAce at the top of the game when it comes to online live Mandarin lessons:
  • Fun and engaging platform with interactive features, illustrations and gamification
  • Native speaking teachers trained to maintain consistency in lessons
  • Range of programs curated for different age and requirement levels
  • Option of 1-1 online live classes to cater to individual learning needs
  • Easy & flexible scheduling of lessons using the platform’s dashboard
  • Auto-recording feature with playback function to facilitate revisiting lessons
  • Easy to track child’s learning progress with lesson report

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