BOTB Enrichment & Learning School Awards -2021/2022

Discover the Joy of Learning!

Looking for the best learning & enrichment schools in town for your child? Take a look at Parents World awardees for 2021/2022:


What it Offers: Real-time Multi-Subject Online Enrichment Lessons

EDOOVO is the only online enrichment platform to offer real-time teaching for multiple core subjects to prepare children for primary school. Lessons are conducted live over EDOOVO’s proprietary online learning platform and are closely aligned to Singapore’s Ministry of Education’s curriculum framework. Taught by qualified and experienced teachers, their age-appropriate and holistic curriculum is delivered in a phased manner to enhance the learning experience of the students. Contrary to pre-recorded sessions of other online platforms, EDOOVO’s real-time teaching yields excellent academic results while also catering to the holistic, all-round development of the child.

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What it Offers: Curated STEAM & Coding Lessons

ripplecreate delivers specialized coding-based programs and STEM based learning to students aged 4 upwards and is the chosen education partner of over 200 local MOE, preschools and international schools in Singapore. Its Ripple Tech Program is a multi-holistic programme backed by a progressive curriculum, a focused pedagogy and a layered and customized approach to learning. Depending on their age, students are exposed to a variety of hardware and software platforms across multiple tech domains. ripplecreate also runs fun and lively coding programs for 4–6-year-olds at leading preschool chains like Eton House and My First Skool. ripplecreate’s mission is to prepare children for the digital future.

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The Little Things

What it Offers: Exciting Culinary Lessons for Little Ones

The Little things can be credited with introducing the novel and exciting concept of culinary learning for kids in Singapore. With its signature Weekly Self-Savvy Programmes, children turn master chefs under the gentle supervision of trained facilitators. Children acquire language, numeracy and science skills and also gain environmental awareness – all through the hands-on process of cooking and baking. The experiential learning lessons allow children to forge a positive relationship with food from young. Through its age oriented, fun culinary programmes and workshops, The Little Things showcases culinary skills as a doorway for holistic learning and for becoming self-savvy!

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Edufarm Learning Centre LLP

What it Offers: Specialized English Phonics Reading Classes for Pre-schoolers

Edufarm Learning Centre offers high-quality enrichment classes to children at affordable rates. Edufarm centres are located conveniently at HDB estates across Singapore offering easy accessibility. Their focused English Phonics Reading lessons for pre-schoolers aged 18 months to 7 years are based on the successful UK based 40-year-old Letterland Phonics System, that promotes understanding and proficiency in phonics through child-friendly stories and age-appropriate activity books. With a tailormade and time-tested curriculum, qualified teachers, a convenient location and an affordable fee; Edufarm Learning Centre offers the best phonics enrichment lessons in town for your child!

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Science Studios Learning Centre

What it Offers: Immersive Science Lessons for Primary School Students

Science Studios Learning Centre specialises in the core subject of Science for Primary School students. Every lesson at Science Studios is conceptualised to engage the children and spark their interest in science through an innovative and fun approach. Children discover the wonders of science through experiential learning and multi-sensorial experiences, while also reinforcing what is taught in school. With a team of highly qualified teachers, application-based learning techniques and a repository of intriguing experiments, Science Studios provides an environment where students are not only well-equipped for school exams but also develop a lifelong love of learning and discovering.

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Star Tots Playgroup

What it Offers: High Quality Preschool Education at an Affordable Fee

Star Tots Playgroup is a friendly, welcoming playschool for tiny tots aged 18 months to 3 years. Run by Edufarm Learning Centre, the playschool provides a clean, fun and nurturing environment for the little ones. The neighbourhood school is conveniently located at HDB estates and is highly affordable. The school’s daily 2-hour morning class helps the children to overcome separation anxiety and prepare for longer hours at school. The playgroup delivers a wholesome and engaging curriculum through a structured and holistic environment. With 15 years of educational expertise and 120 centres island wide, Star Tots Playgroup provides just the right foundation for junior’s foray into schooling!

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Autism Recovery Network

What it Offers: A Path to Mainstream!

With over 16 years of expertise in this field, Autism Recovery Network (ARN) has the highest rate of recovery and mainstreaming in Asia. ARN uses Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), a globally accepted and scientifically proven autism treatment method also recommended by the Ministry of Health and is the only certified autism center in Asia to offer a dynamic and intensive ABA-VB 1 to 1 Therapy. ARN is committed to helping children transition smoothly into formal schooling with the help of School-Time, ARN’s focused therapeutic school preparatory program. One of the most awarded learning schools for special needs education, Autism Recovery Network is a 7-time awardee of the “Parents World, Best of the Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award.”

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What it Offers: A fun way to learn Mandarin!

EduGrove is a 7-time winner of Parents World’s “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award”for Chinese Enrichment, a testimony to the school’s remarkable success in honing students in Mandarin over the years. EduGrove commenced operations in 2013 and is now a market leader, thanks to its award-winning methodology, tailor-made curriculum, and research-based programmes. Its experienced teachers impart lessons the EduGrove way, a proven methodology backed by a continually-evolving curriculum that is aligned with the MOE framework. At EduGrove, lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and effective. EduGrove educators achieve the best results by active engagement to promote Chinese immersion in class.EduGrove offers a wide range of programmes to children from preschool all through to Secondary 4.

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NASCANS Student Care

What it Offers: Holistic After-School Care!

NASCANS is a leading student care brand in Singapore with an impeccable track record of over 15 years of educational excellence and student care, reason why it has been handpicked by the Ministry of Education to run student care centres in over 25 primary schools.NASCAR holistic programmes are developed by their in-house R&D team, and are broadly categorized into Homework Supervision, Character Education, Enrichment and Outdoor Activities. NASCANS works towards fulfilling each child’s individual needs by identifying their dominant intelligences and looks into their holistic development needs. NASCANS offers children well-balanced and nutritious hot meals and snacks prepared by in-house cooks. NASCANS serves as “an oasis between school & home” for hundreds of children.

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Our Music Studio

What it Offers: Brain-stimulating Music Lessons!

Our Music Studio (OMS) is an early childhood music school in Singapore that helps build a solid foundation in music in children. OMS’s motto is to instil a lifelong love for music in children.  Its age-oriented programmes: Musical Babes, Rythmic Tots, Melodic Kids and Young Musicians, allow young children to explore music and musicianship.OMS’s curriculum, based on Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner and Orff Schulwerk/Kodaly and Dalcroze, is written by highly experienced music and movement teachers. OMS actively sources songs from around the word exposing children to a treasure trove of songs and rhymes that represent myriad cultures and languages. OMS also conducts enrichment classes at over 70 childcare centres in Singapore through its Octaves programme.

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The Writer’s Place

What it Offers: Mastery over English Creative Writing!

The Writer’s Place (TWP) has carved its niche as an enrichment school specializing in only one core subject – English creative writing for Primary school students in Singapore. TWP has vested its entire repertoire of expertise and resources for the last 12 years towards the mastery of the subject. With the help of a research-based curriculum that is simple yet effective; TWP has decoded what it takes to write a well-structured, well-rounded and high-scoring composition! What also sets TWP apart is the warmth and responsiveness of TWP teachers and staff.TWP has successfully implemented a Flexible-Hybrid learning experience during the pandemic, allowing students to switch seamlessly between virtual and physical lessons at any time, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

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