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Let your child access quality education in the comfort of your home with
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It can be exasperating to enrol children in multiple tuition classes to seek help for different core school subjects. Additionally, commuting to various centres and attending classes with different groups of students poses a risk in the ongoing pandemic. EDOOVO offers the perfect solution to harried parents by offering live online enrichment classes in 3 core subjects, English, Chinese and Mathematics, to young learners aged 3 to 8, all in the comfort of one’s home. No more commute, no more hassle and no more waiting! Build a strong educational foundation with EDOOVO’s quality booster classes anytime.

Fun & Interactive Learning at the Click of a Button!

EDOOVO is the only online enrichment platform to offer real-time teaching for multiple core subjects to prepare children for primary school. Lessons are conducted live over EDOOVO’s proprietary online learning platform with up to 4 students in a 25 minutes class and 6 students in a 50 minutes class. With a small class size, students are encouraged to learn actively and that effectively maximises the interaction between
teacher and students. Virtual in-class rewards are also given to motivate students to participate actively during class.

Closely aligned to Singapore’s Ministry of Education’s curriculum framework, EDOOVO’s classes are designed to prepare young learners for the rigor of primary schooling. Taught by qualified and experienced teachers, their age-appropriate and holistic curriculum is delivered in a phased manner to enhance the learning experience of the students. Students may choose to attend lessons for one or all three core subjects upon signing up for a credit package that can be shared with up to four kids in the family across all 3 subjects.

An Innovative Learning Platform like None Other!

With EDOOVO’s one-touch integrated online platform; children do not have to adapt to different learning platforms. EDOOVO’s well-rounded and immersive teaching pedagogy aims to add value to the child’s learning while reinforcing core concepts with lesson replays that are accessible 24 hours after class. The fun and interactive courseware infused with storytelling, games, visuals, activity sheets and in-class rewards make the lessons both productive and engaging. Contrary to pre-recorded sessions of other online platforms, EDOOVO’s real-time teaching yields excellent academic results while also catering to the holistic, all-round development of the child as evident from the rave reviews from

As per Xiaobing Bai, founder of EDOOVO, the platform was founded in 2019 for local parents to plug the gap in real-time online classes for all 3 core subjects – English, Chinese and Mathematics while also supporting the needs of international students. EDOOVO has tapped on the latest innovations in the world of ed-tech to create a safe and controlled virtual learning space, bereft of privacy risks, for the children. No wonder, EDOOVO is trusted by parents for their child’s learning journey and smooth transition to primary schools.

“Louise loves her lessons and teachers! Every weekend, she is enthusiastic and even reminds me that her lessons are starting! It is great that even during the pandemic we can allow her to continue with her enrichment activities with EDOOVO as it is an online-based learning platform. She always shares with me how interesting her lessons were after they ended. Definitely a win-win situation for me and my girl!” – Abigale Tan, satisfied EDOOVO parent.

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