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Life Is in The Little Things!

Let your little chef brush up life skills while whipping up culinary delights at The Little Things!

Cooking is not just about preparing a meal; it’s rather a synthesis of ounces of effort and dollops of enthusiasm generously topped over a basketful of life skills! The Little Things LLP believes that learning to cook is one of the best ways in which a young child can acquire knowledge and become self-savvy! Reason why, The Little Things has become a popular enrichment centre for young children, since its inception in 2013. Founded by two enterprising college friends: Emily Yeo and Valerie Lee; The Little Things can be credited with introducing the novel and exciting concept of culinary learning for kids in Singapore.

Find Joy in the Process!

The Little Things offers its signature Weekly Self-Savvy Programmes where children turn master chefs under the gentle supervision of trained and passionate facilitators. The children embark on an immersive experience that involves detailed meal-planning and complete food preparation – right from procuring ingredients from the market to presenting the dish on the table. The children are allowed to experiment, tinker, smell, taste and even whip up an entire dish by themselves. The facilitators only guide the process while ensuring the hygiene and safety of the children.

Children revel in their own space and learn to be self-reliant as they are assigned real tasks in a real kitchen! More importantly, they learn that in cooking as in life, the joy lies in the process itself and not only in the outcome. Since children are allowed to take ownership of what and how they create; they acquire important skills for life, such as spatial and sensorial awareness, motor skills, independence, decision-making, confidence, teamwork and problem solving and more– all in a fun, unobtrusive way.

The process is complemented with an insight into table etiquettes and the richness of food culture and cuisines. Children acquire language, numeracy and science skills and also gain awareness about the environment – all through the hands-on process of cooking and baking. The experiential learning lessons allow children to forge a positive relationship with food and cooking which is bound to carry into their adult years.

Cook, Learn, Repeat!

Through its age oriented, fun culinary programmes and workshops, The Little Things has turned the spotlight on culinary skills as a doorway for holistic learning for children. Bonus: learning new recipes and getting to devour the absolutely delectable spoils of the lesson! No wonder, parents are as happy with the enrichment classes as the children that attend them! See what satisfied parents have to say about the enrichment school here.

“Love the yummy recipes so far, keep them coming! It’s great that there is a cooking/baking segment plus an experiment, like candle-making. The most important ingredients that I love are the teachers’ caring and encouraging attitudes. They’re always full of smiles.”– GRACE, Mummy of Aaron (4 years old).

Classes are conducted either in-studio, external off-site or on their virtual platform. Besides their regular classes, The Little Things also conduct Ad-hoc Workshops including corporate and school events, and popular Parent+Child, Toddler+Parent Workshops that promote familial bonding. Contact them here.

Contact Details

Main outlet: 244N Upp Thomson Road (Ph:6456 3140)
Satellite location: Downtown East, E!Hub