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Creating a Storm in the World of Digital Learning!

With its enviable credentials in the field of STEM learning, coding and A.I; ripplecreate is the chosen education partner of over 200 local MOE, preschools and international schools in Singapore. The enrichment school delivers specialized coding based programs and STEM based learning to students aged 4 upwards. In doing so, ripplecreate supports and aligns itself to MOE’s 21st century competencies, preparing the children for an ever-evolving digital world.

A testimonial to ripplecreate’s expertise in the industry is that it partners the IMDA of Singapore as an ICT and Technology course education service provider in Singapore. ripplecreate is also notably the founder-organizer of RippleUX, a premier international coding and robotics competition since 2018, conducted in partnership with top tertiary institutions and global tech companies, including the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Defence Science Organisation (DSO) and UBTECH.

ripplecreate’s Ripple Tech Program is a multi-year holistic programme backed by a progressive curriculum, a focused pedagogy and a layered and customized approach to learning. The dynamic program offers coding, virtual reality, web, game and mobile app development as well as coding languages like Python and Javascript. Depending on their age, students are exposed to a variety of hardware and software platforms across multiple tech domains. It is also one of the first coding schools in Singapore to offer drones-flying courses as well as V.R coding and A.I. content tailor-made for children. Catching them young, ripplecreate runs fun and lively coding programs for 4-6 yr olds at leading preschool chains like Eton House and My First Skool as well.

Big Waves Start with Tiny Ripples!

ripplecreate’s mission is to prepare children for the digital future. Some reasons why ripplecreate towers above enrichment schools in the same industry include:

An age-appropriate and progressive curriculum curated by experienced educators
• A proprietary interactive learning platform that offers fun experiential activities
• An unparalleled track record in deliverance of STEAM pedagogy
• Blended learning with in-person and virtual lessons
• A rich experience across multiple platforms and tech domains
• A platform for students’ portfolio building

ripplecreate believes in scaffolding the learning process such that it holds the interest of the target age-group. The programme is thus divided into Basic, Intermediate & Advanced to cater to different levels. For younger kids, the lessons are held in-person and use a combination of robotic kits, browser based software platforms, flashcards, hands-on activities, learning materials, games and even incorporate activities away from the screen. For older children, the teachers make use of software, games, kahoot puzzles and hardware platforms such as robotic kits. This layered approach attunes the child to the world of coding and slowly but surely instils confidence.

Lessons at ripplecreate also educate children about cyber safety, online privacy and security, cyberbullying, copyright infringement and more. Besides computational thinking, ripplecreate’s holistic approach equips the children with soft skills such as team work, problem solving, design thinking and creativity. The educators inculcate in children the requisite mindset to face known and unknown challenges posed by the digital world. It can be truly said that with its futuristic curriculum and innovative pedagogy, ripplecreate is equipping Tomorrow’s Creators with Digital Skills Today! Learn more here.

Contact Details

Offline lessons held at: The Crane, 46 Kim Yam Road
Phone: 6255 5622
WhatsApp: 96777088