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Ace the art of learning science at Science Studios Learning Centre!

Science Studios Learning Centre specialises in the core subject of Science for Primary School students. Every lesson at Science Studios is conceptualised to engage the children and spark their interest in all things science! The innovative approach of the tuition centre and its success in developing young scientists has been widely covered by the national media.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, “We should not teach children the sciences; but give them a taste for them.” Science Studios encourages young learners to experiment and try new things through multiple sensory experiences. The interactive lessons stir up their innate curiosity and encourage even the most reticent child to participate. Children discover the wonders of science through experiential learning: they use air to hold up a glass of water, make a feather fall as fast as a coin, see infra-red radiation coming out from their own bodies, and release energy stored in marshmallows!

The curriculum at Science Studios comprehensively covers the MOE syllabus. Lesson materials provided are designed with clear llustrations and well-crafted questions. They help to reinforce keywords and concepts learnt in school by creating a scaffolding and guiding students to articulate their understanding of the subject matter. With a team of highly qualified teachers, application-based learning techniques and a repository of intriguing experiments, the centre provides an environment where students are not only well-equipped for school exams but also develop a lifelong love of learning and discovering.

To ensure that the children learn in an enriching environment, the school’s learning studios are fitted with state-of-the-art technology (e.g. touchscreen projectors and laptops; Android/iOS apps)

and also boast of dedicated experiment areas that are well-equipped with thermal imaging cameras, vacuum chambers and a range of laboratory apparatus. No surprise then, that students look forward to lessons at Science Studios and also master the subject in greater depth.

Here is what some students and parents have to say about Science Studios:

“Science Studios provides a very hands-on experience of learning and really challenges the students to think about what are the fundamental concepts being applied, which is an effective way of teaching the students. I really enjoyed my lessons.”Caitlyn Liang, Raffes Girls’ Primary School.

“Fun, entertaining, even humorous at times … it’s all part of the learning process at SS that is different in a good way. The teachers make the subject of Science fascinating. I couldn’t wait to come for lessons each week to find out more. Explanations were clear and understandable, thereby helping me to score an A*for PSLE Science!”Zavier Choo, Alexandra Primary School

“SS not only makes learning science fun so that children learn effortlessly but also emphasises on the concepts important for PSLE. Both my children, Yuki and Tomi learnt more than what is expected from the MOE syllabus and it helps even when they move on to higher education. Both scored A* for their PSLE and I would highly recommend Science Studios to any child who is taking their PSLE!” – Parent of Tomi Barber, Nanyang Primary School

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Contact Details:

Bukit Timah Plaza: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #02-24E S(588996)
Tel: 6737 2720

Eastgate @ Katong: 46 East Coast Road #05-04 S(428766)
Tel: 6970 4936