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Star Tots Playgroup delivers high-quality education in your neighbourhood
at a reasonable fee.

A playschool is a child’s first exposure to a school environment away from home. As it is an important stepping stone to formal schooling, it is imperative that playschools offer a positive experience. As children may cry due to separation anxiety when they start to attend long hours at kindergartens or childcare centres, Star Tots Playgroup’s daily 2-hour morning class helps the children to learn to trust that their loved ones will come back for them. For parents who prefer their children to be taken care by grandparents or caregivers at home, Star Tots Playgroup is the ideal daily class to keep the children occupied and enhance their learning and development. With 15 years of educational expertise and 120 centres island wide, Star Tots Playgroup provides just the right foundation for junior’s foray into schooling!

Star Tots Playgroup is a friendly, welcoming playschool for tiny tots aged 18 months to 3 years. Run by Edufarm Learning Centre, the playschool provides a clean, fun and nurturing environment for the little ones. The neighbourhood school is conveniently located at HDB estates, making it easily accessible to all children by walking to school.

The school is not only conveniently located, but also highly affordable at $200 monthly. Star Tots Playgroup prides itself in offering an equivalent curriculum to that offered by other schools but at 70% cheaper than commercial rates, making it affordable to families from all walks of life. No wonder, more than 8000 toddlers have graduated from the school till date.

At Star Tots, the class size is limited to 16 kids and every effort is made to provide a holistic learning environment to them.

With the help of experienced and caring teachers, children tide over separation anxiety and steadily gain confidence in social interactions. The wholesome curriculum, designed by a curriculum specialist who holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, engages the children by way of:

• Whole Brain Development
• Sight Words
• Nursery Rhymes
• Math and Science
• Music & Movement
• Speech and Drama

All these learning areas are weaved into a dynamic time-table that supports and enhances the children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development on a day-to-day basis. The school follows Letterland Phonics, a successful phonics-based system from UK to strengthen phonetic skills. In order to lay a solid foundation to reading and writing; the playschool incorporates important Pre-Reading Skills such as alphabet skills, matching and rhyming along with Pre-Writing Skills in its lessons.

The school also ensures independent, hands-on learning by imparting Montessori Practical Life Skills to the children. The robust curriculum is effectively delivered using a Multiple Intelligences approach to activities, recognizing the innate intelligence of each and every child.

Star Tots Playgroup is popular with local and expatriate parents for its high-quality care, accessibility and affordability. Visit here to check all Star Tots Playgroup locations and to read testimonials from satisfied parents. Registrations for 2022 intake are open now. Contact the school today!

Contact Details

Contact number: 8138 3440 (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm)




Email: tiktok@startotsplaygroup