Best in English Phonics Classes for Preschoolers

Find the magic in letters!

At Edufarm Learning Centre’s English Phonics Reading lessons, children develop a solid foundation in reading, writing and spelling.

Eufarm Learning Centre offers high-quality enrichment classes to children at very affordable rates. Its specialized English Phonics Reading lessons for pre-schoolers aged 18 months to 7 years are based on the successful UK based 40-year-old Letterland Phonics System. At only $240 per term of 12 sessions with a maximum class size of 10 students, Edufarm Learning Centre’s enrichment classes offer great value for money. The centres are located conveniently at HDB estates across Singapore with 150 to 180 centres island wide, offering easy accessibility to caregivers by walking to the centres.

The teachers at Edufarm are well qualified with at least a Diploma in Early Childhood and Education. They use an assortment of resources such as big storybooks, ash cards, Letterland CDs, supplementary worksheets in their lessons. Letterland Phonics has a chronologically ordered methodology that helps students to learn effectively, starting with letter sounds and shapes and moving to advanced spelling and multi-sensory learning towards the end of the programme. Through the Letterland curriculum, the children learn alphabets, blending, segmenting, word building, diagraphs, trigraphs, high frequency words, spelling patterns and more!

The Letterland Phonics System promotes understanding and prociency in phonics through child-friendly stories and age-appropriate activity books.

At Letterland, characters magically transform into child-friendly pictograms, with each character representing a fun story. As children unravel the story
behind each phonic fact and befriend the characters, they are able to form sound connections and rely on their logical understanding rather than pure memorization. through this unique approach, children’s curiosity is piqued and their thinking skills and imagination is developed.

Letterland is thus a multi-sensory learning system that stimulates the brain by using picture mnemonics that have a deep audio-visual impact. Every letter is taught
and reinforced with the help of multifarious activities such as art and craft, songs, poems, games, role-play and more. This renders Edufarm Learning Centre’s
Letterland based phonics programme hugely effective
and successful. Children feel motivated to read, write and spell, building a foundation for lifelong learning. With a tailormade and time-tested curriculum, qualified teachers, a convenient location and an affordable fee; Edufarm Learning Centre offers the best phonics enrichment lessons in town for your child!

Edufarm offers two categories of Letterland Phonics: Star Tots Phonics for toddlers between 18 months to 3 years old and Programme 1 Phonics which caters to Pre-schoolers (children between 4 to 7 years old). Contact them to learn more.