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“Choose NASCANS for world-class student care centres that deliver par-excellence holistic after-school care.”

NASCANS is a leading student care brand in Singapore with an impeccable track record of over 15 years of educational excellence and student care. With over 25 school-based centres, and 6 community-based centres; NASCANS’ success bears testimony to the immense trust thousands of parents have bestowed in it. NASCANS knows exactly what parents look for in a high-quality student care centre and takes pride in going beyond the expected, and the ordinary; setting it gloriously apart from other student care centres. This is the reason why NASCANS was handpicked by the Ministry of Education to run student care centres in over 25 primary schools.

NASCANS’ holistic programmes are developed by their in-house R&D team, and are broadly categorized into Home-work Supervision, Character Education, Enrichment and Outdoor Activities. While programmes at their school-based centres are designed to reflect MOE’s 21st Century Competencies model and further the partner school’s vision, mission and values; community-based centres offer trademark programmes as part of their core curriculum, such as Impression ARTS™ and TITANS (Teaching Intelligent thinking at NASCANS), which engage children through fun, hands-on activities for experiential learning. The emphasis here is on character building and inculcating life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and social interaction.

Beyond homework supervision, NASCANS works towards fulfilling each child’s individual needs. Each student is assessed using the MI (Multiple Intelligence) 27 Profiling and MI Detailed Assessment to identify his/ her dominant intelligence along with possible areas for improvement.

This “Multiple Intelligences Approach” helps educators deliver the best possible learning experience to the students.

Parents can also opt into their targeted subject tutorials* developed by former MOE educators that equip children with essential exam-ready techniques or other enrichment programmes* like Coding and Robotics that nurture future-ready students (*additional fees apply).

Children need a welcoming environment after a long day at school and NASCANS centres offer just that with their safe and friendly spaces. The “oasis between school & home” offers a conducive environment for the child to study. Children also get to unwind, relax and recharge after a long day at school with games such as table soccer, basketball and darts at community-based student care centres. Truly, a home away from home – NASCANS offers children well-balanced and nutritious hot meals and snacks prepared by in-house cooks.

At the end of a long day, NASCANS parents have the satisfaction of taking home a child who is well-rested, well-fed and whose academic and holistic development needs have been met. No wonder over 95% of NASCANS parents have expressed satisfaction with its well-rounded curriculum and programmes, and its high standards of care and communication. Book a virtual tour or learn more here. Access the full list of their student care centres here.

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HQ Address: 32 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207922Tel: 6653 8008