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An Ode to Phenomenal Success!

EduGrove is a 7-time winner of Parents World’s “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award” for Chinese Enrichment, a testimony to the enrichment centre’s remarkable success in honing students in Mandarin over the years. EduGrove commenced operations in 2013 and soon became a market leader in Singapore for Chinese Enrichment lessons, thanks to its award-winning methodology, tailor-made curriculum, and research-based programmes.

From Tedium to Fun!

At EduGrove, the mantra is to cut tedium with fun and rote memorization with effective internalization. What children enjoy is what children learn the best! With that philosophy in mind, EduGrove lessons are designed to be FUN, ENGAGING, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE. Unlike their competitors who use a traditional, boring and rigid teaching style; EduGrove educators achieve the best results by non-conventional methodologies and active engagement.

They make use of positive reinforcers to promote Chinese immersion in class such as by:

• Engagement in Active Learning Play & Games
• Involvement in Role Play & Improvisational Drama
• Emphasis on Keyword & Key Phrase Usage
• Application of Acquired Vocabulary in Real life Situations

Through these dynamic and enriching activities, students are encouraged to think, participate and vocalize their thoughts in Mandarin. By encouraging children to use the language in day-to-day parlance, the educators allow them to develop a deep understanding of the subject and eventually master it. With a maximum class size of 12, students receive personal attention and lessons are fine-tuned to address every student’s current learning needs and amplify their strengths, helping them score well in their exams. The teachers at EduGrove also ensure that children under their care develop holistically, placing emphasis on character and soft skills. EduGrove values parents’ role in the children’s learning journey and to that end, teachers regularly update parents on their child’s progress.

Let the Fun Learning Begin!

EduGrove offers a wide range of programmes to children right from toddlers all through Primary school and up to Secondary 4. They also offer a very popular Language In Action programme that caters specially to the requirements of International School students. To learn more about EduGrove and read testimonials from happy students and satisfied parents, visit

Contact Details:

1) 120 Pasir Ris Central, Pasir Ris Sports Centre,

#01-01/02, Singapore 519640 (Tel: 6584 8489)

2) 1 Tampines Walk, Our Tampines Hub,

#B1-53/54, Singapore 528523 (Tel: 6612 1784)

3) 135 East Coast Road,

#02-01, Singapore 428820 (Tel: 6909 5728)