Koita Milk: Milk that Moo(t)s for Change!

Consumer food preferences have evolved over the past decade with more and more people choosing to eat cleaner, greener and healthier! One such revolution is churning in the milk industry with brands recognizing the need to go organic and to do away with nasties such as pesticides, additives and artificial preservatives.

Koita, a preferred organic milk brand in 10 countries since 2013, has championed the consumption of clean, healthy milk – just the way nature intended it. The family-owned homegrown brand, by an American-born South-Asian in the UAE, has persevered and succeeded in its vision of “Eat Good” – a fact that will even have the cows mooing in agreement!


It is often said that to stay healthy and function optimally, all that you need to do is to eat good! With that as the driving force, Koita milk is sourced exclusively from happy, grass-fed cows that graze in the fertile lush grasslands of Italy. The milk’s premium, organic Italian lineage renders it a rich creamy taste, loved by all.

Koita milk is proudly non-GMO with no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or artificial preservatives, making it as healthy as it is delicious! The UHT milk is then fortified with Vitamin A & D3 adding goodness and nothing more. Adherence to strict quality checks and EU organic certification processes ensure that you get pure, unadulterated goodness in every sip of Koita milk!


Statistics reveal that two-thirds of the world adult population has lactose intolerance[1] with the percentage being a staggering 90% in East Asia. In response to the increasing awareness about lactose intolerance and the burgeoning demand for lactose free products, Koita has launched its Lactose free range with exciting line up of products such as Koita Lactose-free Whole Fat milk and Koita Lactose-free Low-fat milk.  

Similarly, an increasing number of consumers are looking at plant-based milk alternatives as veganism and flexitarianism become popular and awareness about common food allergens grows. To cater to these discerning customers, Koita offers Organic Almond and Organic Oat Beverages – nutritious alternatives to cow’s milk.


Keeping an eye on environmental sustainability, Koita milk has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Once opened it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 3-4 days. The milk’s long shelf life also allows it to be shipped to international markets reducing the firm’s carbon footprint. The milk is packaged in eco-friendly Tetra-pak and not in plastic, making it an instant hit with eco-conscious consumers.

Convenient packaging sizes of 200ml and 1litre, ensure minimal wastage. While the 1 litre packs are good for home and office consumption, the 200ml packs are the perfect size for on-the-go convenience, be it a quick energy booster after a gym workout, a mid-day snack or as a tasty companion in the school lunch bag!


Koita’s wide range of healthy milk products were launched last year in sunny Singapore and are flying off the shelves in NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage supermarkets, thanks to their amazing taste and purity! Some of their best-selling products in Singapore include Koita Whole Organic Milk, Koita Lactose-free Low-fat Milk, Koita Organic Strawberry Low-fat Milk and Koita Organic Almond Beverage.

Another hot-selling item is the Koita Soy for Coffee Designed by Italian Barista available at NTUC FairPrice (online), Singapore. Koita range of products can also be ordered online from Lazada, Shopee, Amazon amongst others. Check here for recipe ideas.

Find out more about the brand and its ethos here. Connect with Koita at their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

[1] Lactose Intolerance by Country – Milk – ProCon.org, 3/26/2020