Best Thematic Indoor Playground in Singapore

“T is for Terrific (Play Experiences)!”

Visit T-Play for wholesome fun and an enriching experience for the entire family!

Not your average indoor playground, T-Play offers a holistic experience mired in fun with realistic features tempered with cultural influence. With its sprawling spaces, impressive state-of-the-art facilities and augmented reality features; T-Play offers an unparalleled thematic play & learning experience like no other playground in Singapore.

Made wholly in Sweden and assembled in Singapore, T-Play is the fist augmented playground for Home Team NSmen and their families. While the spectacular 390 sqm T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok is centred around the transportation theme, T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib showcases a vibrant Peranakan theme.

Tighten your Seatbelts, we are about to Fly!
T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok promises to transport little children into a world of vehicles, roads, rockets and aeroplanes where they can accelerate and vroom! The playground replicates an airport, complete with arrival and departure gates, check-in counters and heli-landing pads for a realistic experience. There are plenty of regular playground features too to challenge little pilots and drivers, such as slides, ball pits, climbing walls and trampolines!

T-Play also features a well-equipped, safe toddler play area with age-appropriate mini slides, ball pit, foam blocks and large, colourful Lego-like stackable blocks -designed to keep little munchkins active and happy for hours. The interactive features of the purposefully designed play arena are meant to promote visual acuity, hand-eye coordination and sense of direction in the young children, boosting their all-round development.

With attentive and enthusiastic minders manning the family-friendly playground, parents can unwind in the resting areas while kids run amok and have a field day!

Take a Trip Down Nostalgia Lane!
T-Play Khatib is the first indoor playground in Singapore to feature influences of the local Peranakan culture, in partnership with The Intan, Singapore’s award-winning home Museum. These influences are showcased as a mix of audio, visual, and sensory experiences throughout the 650 sqm playground, cleverly interwoven into exciting play features. Children get to zip down spiral slides, spider up the slide tower, zoom around in kiddie police cars and fire trucks, bounce on interactive trampoline or just go bananas shooting foam balls at each other!

The vibrant and colourful playground piques children’s curiosity and allows Singapore’s unique Peranakan identity and cultural heritage to be passed on to the new generations in a uniquely fun manner! To make this an even more enriching experience for the family, T-Play organizes art and craft and other cultural activities over the weekends. So, while children have fun, parents can see playtime at T-Play translate into learning opportunities and family bonding time.

To further celebrate the spirit of family and the contributions of Home Team NSmen, HomeTeamNS has introduced the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme with various perks and offers on membership rates for Home Team NSmen and their family members. Signing up for the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme Membership for your child also entitles him/her to receive T-Play membership for FREE! Read more here.

Contact Details:
T-Play at HomeTeamNS, Bukit Batok

2 Bukit Batok, West Avenue 7
Singapore 659003

T-Play at HomeTeamNS, Khatib
2 Yishun Walk, Singapore 767944