Best Healthy Dried Fruit Snack

Taylor(ed) to meet your nutritional needs!

Start your day on a healthy note with Taylor Prunes, prunes packed with nature’s goodness and enhanced by family farming tradition!

Referred to as one of the super-foods; prunes or dried plums are one of the healthiest foods that we ought to include in our diets as we age! Prunes are the richest source of anti-oxidants, trumping other high- ranking foods such as blueberries and raisins and even fresh plums. These wonders of nature are anti-ageing, lowglycaemic and rich in important vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin K. Being high in dietary fibre, prunes prevent and relieve constipation. They are also an excellent source of iron, preventing anaemia. So, if you want to keep nutrient deficiencies at bay as well as prevent the onset of common lifestyle diseases, prunes are the way to go!

But how do you select the best prunes- the ones that are as rich in taste and texture as they are in nutritional goodness? Backed by 100 plus years of expertise in farming and harvesting the juiciest plums, Taylor Prunes sourced from the Taylor Brothers Farm at California, USA are the perfect prunes of choice! Taylor Brothers Farm are pry to the secrets of growing juicier, tastier plums of the highest-quality, knowing exactly when to harvest the prunes. The harvested prunes are thus uniquely rich and velvety in taste, moist but not sticky in the least!

Less acidic and naturally sweet, with no cholesterol and no saturated fat; Taylor Prunes by themselves are perfect energy-foods for breakfast and mid-day snacks.

Prunes are highly versatile too and can be combined with noodles, rice, meats and vegetables for your big meals of the day. Prunes also add more flavour and richness to jams and desserts such as brownies, tarts and even ice-cream! Just start slow to allow your digestive system to adapt and then you and your family can savour the myriad benefits of Taylor Prunes every day!

Plucked from the farms in sunny California and packed in Korea, Taylor Prunes pack in a recipe and a methodology that has been tried and perfected by generations of one farming family. As the biggest organic prune cultivator in USA and one of the world’s leading producers, Taylor Brothers Farm are passionate to offer prunes with the Taylor Difference to consumers around the world. Prune lovers in Singapore have been treated to premium Taylor Prunes since 2013.

Besides their popular Naturally Sweet Prunes, Taylor offers a choice of Golden Prunes – premium, fleshy, jumbo-sized 100% pitted Californian prunes- also known as Moyer or Oregon Prunes, 100% Organic Prunes, and Orange Flavoured Prunes – naturally sweet prunes with an alluring, refreshing, tangy orange essence. For those who prefer juice to the fruit, Taylor also offers 100% Prune Juice and 100% Organic Prune Juice, another great way to enjoy the same taste on-the-go! Taylor Prunes are available at various ecommerce platforms and at major supermarkets and pharmacies island wide.

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