Best Pre-school with a Holistic Living Skills Programme

Nature-Inspired Learning

Gift your child an enriched education, rooted both in nature and in the Chinese language and culture, at Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-school!

Established in 2014, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School carries forward the 180-year-old legacy of educational excellence carved by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan. In keeping with the principles of SHHK, the pre-school lays special focus on the preservation and promotion of Chinese Language and culture. Here children are taught Chinese as a Living Language – a language to think in, identify with and to use in day-to-day parlance.

The same thought process sets the tone for the entire learning experience at SHHK Pre-school with a robust and holistic Living Skills Programme integrated into a unique enriching curriculum. At the heart of this programme, is SHHK Preschool’s pride, its Living Garden–– a big and beautiful green space within the pre-school where children develop skills that are nearly impossible to cultivate in classroom settings. SHHK Pre-school walks the talk in teaching young children about environmental sustainability and healthy eating, by allowing them to both, learn from the environment and take ownership of it!

At SHHK Pre-school, the Living Garden is not just another outdoor space but one that connects classroom learning with environmental consciousness. Little children observe and partake in the whole process from preparing the soil, clearing weeds, planting seeds and watering them. The joy, pride and sense of ownership the children feel, when these plants begin to bear fruits and flowers, is unparalleled. Guided by experienced teachers, the children harvest and carry the farm produce to the school kitchenette and learn how to cook these as part of their healthy meals.

Long bean, tomatoes, brinjal, ladies fingers, passion fruit, grapes and mulberries are just some vegetables and fruits and that are grown in the Living Garden. SHHK’s green endeavors are supported by enthusiastic parent volunteers and passionate teachers,
blessed with green fingers.

Another delightful impact of this “farm to plate” learning is that children are encouraged to include more fruits and veggies in their meals. What’s more these little munchkins also learn about waste management and assist in making compost. As part of their thematic learning, children also learn about various life forms and get the opportunity to observe them closeup in their natural environment, for example watching caterpillars metamorphose into beautiful

Character development is an important hallmark of the preschool and the Living Garden -inspired experiential learning cultivates the core values espoused by the school namely: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Harmony, Resilience, Sincerity and Perseverance. Needless to say, the hands-on learning coupled with plentiful opportunities of indoor play create children who are adaptable, responsive, agile and happy! The Living Garden at SHHK Pre-school is a source of continual education where the nurtured in turn become nurturers and blossom into compassionate and responsible human beings! Visit the pre-school to see their amazing campus or give them a call to learn more!

Contact Details:

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School
5 Sennett Road Singapore 466781
(+65) 6589 9503 / 6589 9500


Above photographs were taken before COVID-19