Start ‘em Right!

Give your child the best possible start to education by enrolling them in the right preschool of your choice. Take a look at Parents World selection of Best of the Best Preschools in Singapore here: 

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School

What it Offers: An Education Rooted in Nature and the Chinese Language & Culture

SHHK Pre-School carries forward the 180-year-old legacy of educational excellence carved by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan. The pre-school lays special focus on the preservation and promotion of Chinese Language and culture with Chinese taught as a Living Language.SHHK Pre-school boasts of a holistic Living SkillsProgramme with a Living Garden at the heart of it. Here, children develop living skills in outdoor settings and experientially learn about environmental sustainability, healthy eating and waste management. The Living Garden-inspired experiential learning cultivates the core values espoused by the school and leads to a robust character development in the children.

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Lumiere Montessori House

What it Offers: Quality Montessori Preschool Learning

Lumiere Montessori House is an ECDA approved Montessori preschool that caters to children aged 18 months to 6 years old. The school’s motto, “Every child is a light unto the world”, elucidates the Montessori philosophy aptly. The preschool works towards nurturing the unique potential of every child under its care, raising independent, self-reliant learners. Passionate and dedicated teachers at Lumiere Montessori House ignite the illuminous light – of knowledge, of self-expression and learning – in the children. Purposeful lessons interspersed with opportunities for multifarious experiential learning promote all-round development of the child. Lumiere Montessori House offers both a 3-hour and 6-hour Montessori programme.

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My Little Kingdom

What it Offers: An Enriching Preschool Education

My Little Kingdombelieves in enriching the preschool journey for every child under its care. The preschool’s holistic approach emphasises on the need to maximize a child’s growth potential, thus supporting their all-round development. Every effort is made to promote the child’s unique intelligence by offering a myriad of enriching and engaging experiences. The preschool abides by the all-encompassing principles of Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple-Intelligence. The preschool also encourages bilingual immersion that promotes fluency in both English and Mandarin. The preschool’s motto, “Do what is right and not what is easy,” portrays the school’s emphasis on character development.

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Red SchoolHouse

What it Offers: A Nurturing Preschool Environment

Established in 2004, RSH has been providing a caring and nurturing environment to hundreds of pre-schoolers, in an affordable set up. Multi-award winner, Red SchoolHouse is a top choice for discerning parents in Singapore for high-quality pre-school education.RSH operates on the principles embodied by the acronym: SPICE that stands for Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity and Emotional (development of the child. Red SchoolHouse puts great emphasis on character development and soft skill development with children learning important values.The preschool works hard to instil positive values in children, nurturing little human beings with great character and well-being.

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Cambridge Pre-school

What it Offers: A future-readySTEAM Curriculum

Cambridge Pre-school has imbibed a future-ready programme powered by STEAM that will enable children to adapt quickly and surely to changes in their environment. Their award-winning futuristic curriculum seamlessly integratesiSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) knowledge with academic excellence, bilingual skills and a pedagogy entrenched in the principles of multiple intelligences. Embracing the iSTEAM philosophy of “thinking with hands”, iSTEAM activities are seamlessly woven into daily experiences to cultivate curiosity and engagement. Cambridge Preschool’s innovative curriculum is fully supported by its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including a unique iSTEAM playground.

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What it Offers: Unique Trilingual Curriculum

ChildFirst, a dynamic preschool and childcare centre advocates a smarter way of learning. While most preschools offer bilingual proficiency, ChildFirst offers trilingualism to the children, with coding being the third language that has been integrated into their innovative curriculum that already offers English and Mandarin. ChildFirst’s child-centric teaching pedagogy emphasizes on the 3 pillars of a robust Chinese immersion programme, an age-appropriate Coding & technology programme and an iUnique curriculum that is based on Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The curriculum equips children with irreplaceable, future-ready, unique skills that can help them thrive in a constantly- evolving environment.

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Lorna Whiston Preschool

What It offers: Total Bilingual Immersion with Enrichment Master Classes

Lorna Whiston Preschool is not only an awarded and accredited school but also a safe haven for little children with its safe, positive and nurturing environment. With an all-in-one integrated curriculum such as the Bilingual Immersion Programme, Individualised Reading Programme together with an array of signature enrichment Masterclasses, a bevy of passionate and dedicated teachers backed by years of extensive teaching experience; Lorna Whiston is one of the most respected and trusted brand names in the industry.The awarded preschoolboasts of 4 decades of teaching excellence and has beenthe school of choice for over 70000 children, till date and counting.

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Tots & Teddies

What it Offers: Quality Bilingual Preschool in the Heart of the City

Tots & Teddies is an award-winning infant care and preschool conveniently located in the bustling CBD district, right in the heart of the city. The school’s integrated school curricula offers excursions and enrichment lessons that makes learning fun and engaging and reinforces classroom concepts. Children enjoy healthy, well balanced, sumptuous meals  made in-house by their professional chefs with a menu approved by a paediatricnutritionist. Tots &Teddies is an ideal choice for parents who are looking for a nurturing school environment equipped with a comprehensive bilingual curriculum that prepares children for a seamless integration to Primary 1.

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Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-school

What it Offers: A balance of academic rigor and character development

SHHK Pre-school is a leading preschool in Singapore that offers a robust Chinese Language and Culture programme to the children as part of a holistic learning experience.The preschool is well-known for itslearning environment that focuses as much on character building as it does on academic proficiency.The preschool also provides children with opportunities for life skills such as independent and creative thinking, leadership qualities and public speaking, leading to an all-round development.  SHHK Pre-school ensures that children are well prepared for a smooth transition to primary school.

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