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“At Lumiere Montessori House, your child will receive education
not only for the mind but also for the heart!”

Established in the year 2007, Lumiere Montessori House is an ECDA approved Montessori preschool that caters to children aged 18 months to 6 years old. The Montessori method of education propounded by Maria Montessori is well-known in promoting independence and individualized learning in children. In keeping with this philosophy, Lumiere Montessori works towards nurturing the unique potential of every child under its care, in turn raising independent, self-reliant learners. The school’s motto, “Every child is a light unto the world”, elucidates this philosophy aptly. Passionate and dedicated teachers at Lumiere Montessori House ignite the illuminous light – of knowledge, of self-expression and learning – in the children.

Aristotle famously said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Lumiere Montessori House believes in this adage and ensures that their holistic approach to learning caters not only to the mind but also the heart. By allowing the children to foster connections between the heart and the mind, Lumiere Montessori enhance the learning experience for the child. Discovery of self is followed by discovery of and interactions with the environment and society at large. Purposeful lessons interspersed with opportunities for multifarious experiential learning promote all-round development of the child.

Lumiere Montessori House offers both a 3-hour and 6-hour Montessori programme.

The 6-hour programme includes enrichment activities such as Art & Craft, English Speech & Drama, AIKIDO, S.T.E.M and IT classes such as computers, coding and robotics. A small class ratio – Toddler: 1:5, Playgroup: 1:6, Nursery: 1:8 and Kindergarten: 1:12 ensures personalized teaching. The preschool also offers bridging classes limited to 2 students per class. The school strives to be inclusive and makes every effort to accommodate children with different behavioural or learning needs.

Teachers at Lumiere Montessori believe in building a close rapport with the parents with constant communication and regular feedback. Parents are impressed by how the school instils life skills and important values in the children while upholding their dignity and uniqueness. The school focuses on the academic prowess but more so on the character development of the children under its care. Qualities like compassion, love and generosity are not concepts for classroom discussions but real values to be imbibed, followed and grow with.

The nurturing, warm and caring environment of the preschool and the support provided by the teachers and staff at Lumiere Montessori allow every child to find his/ her safe space in the school, such that the school soon becomes a second-home!

Contact Details:

Location: 64 Wolskel Rd, Singapore 357971
Tel: 6283 9290